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  1. Thank you for your help! I've been through several saddles in the past and made all kinds of stupid mistakes (like trying to go cheap and ending up spending even more!). I ended up ordering a saddle from Sycamore Creek Saddles a few months ago, and I absolutely love it. Tony was very patient with me, and the saddle fits both me and my horse wonderfully. It cost about half the price of a new Tucker or Circle Y and it's very high quality. I've recommended him to several people at my barn, especially those with gaited horses. Thanks again!
  2. I'm looking for a new Western saddle for my 10-year-old Paso Fino gelding. Unfortunately, I can't afford a custom-built one. I had been looking at the Tucker trail saddles, but I'm not sure about the trees on these, since I'm wary of anything that says "flex" or "fit-form." I'm not very knowledgeable about saddle fitting--after reading through some of the posts on this site, I realize I know even less than I thought. Basically, I was wondering if those of you who have studied this much more thoroughly than I have could recommend any name brand saddles (Tucker, Circle Y, etc.) currently on the market that are still making quality trees. Thanks for any direction you can give me!
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