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  1. I want the concho cutter
  2. If machine is still for sale. Would you be open to offers?
  3. Is this still available? What part of state are you located?
  4. e52ford

    Artisan 3200

    Is the machine still available? What is price?
  5. do you still have the cobra for sale.
  6. e52ford

    New Cobra Class 4

    Is machine still for sale?
  7. I have a 20" singer that I might be willing to sell if you think it would fit your needs. I bought it for the same purpose but never followed through. The machine is machine is in western Tennessee about 100 miles west of Nashville
  8. When I bought this machine it wasn't working. I just got it back from the repair shop. It sews perfectly but I do not like it. So it needs a new home. I do not know the value of the machine. But I do know what I really need to recoup the money I have spent. So I am asking $2000.00 This will have to be picked up due to weight around 150#. machine is in TN
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