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    I like everything about leather, but especially the western holsters, covers cuhillos and everything related to hunting

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    knife sheaths
  1. very good job, I like the finish, if you want to let more light, use sheridan brown color of antique finish. worked very well, looks great
  2. hi, thanks for your opinion<BR closure_uid_1aefat="4937" Sc="null">strongly influences the type of leather, I use hermann oak.<BR closure_uid_1aefat="4938" Sc="null">first applied several layers of neatfoot oil, then apply saddle fiebings lac, let dry 12 hours, and apply the antique finish, then finish with as kote.<BR closure_uid_1aefat="4939" Sc="null">I hope I've helped<BR closure_uid_1aefat="4940" Sc="null">a greeting from Spain<BR closure_uid_1aefat="4941" Sc="null"><BR closure_uid_1aefat="4942" Sc="null">Jose Carballido
  3. because the truth is I'm not very fast doing the carving, about 6 hours, not hard but be very patient. Thanks for your comment a greeting Jose Carballido
  4. Hi all, I show you the last work I've done, it is a basket case design. is lined whole. the knife is made ​​by knives 2g (mallorca) I hope you enjoy a greeting from Spain Jose Carballido
  5. hi all took a long time visiting the forum and want to start to show you my work, I have little time working leather, about 3 years or so, and sheridan style is that I like to make, this is an assignment of a rifle strap I hope you enjoy a greeting Jose Carballido
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