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  1. Have to agree with the general consensus. They are great people! First hide I bought came in wrong because the sample was labeled wrong. They took care of it right away, and that was right after the earthquake! Highly reccomend.
  2. Hey everyone. Years ago I came across some "can coolie" kits on clearance at Tandy. They included a small diameter elastic type lace. Does anybody know what I'm talking about? And does anybody have a source?
  3. Looks perfect to me. Where did you get the hardware and that light?
  4. Super looking seat! How did you not dye the parts that aren't dyed?
  5. Awesome job! Is that real "atmosphere" on them boots?? Don't get any on the carpet lol
  6. Hey Ol, where might one find some pics of better work and horse and buggy bridles? That's exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks
  7. What is the ABOK exactly?
  8. kytim

    Shipping Reins

    Hey bricew74. I don't know how everyone else would do it, but I made a pvc tube for storing my daughters goat tying ropes. Get the smallest diameter that they will fit in and a glue cap for one end and a male adapter and a threaded cap for the other. The whole thing cost less to make than any cardboard tube I could find and its pretty much indestructible.. Of course I already had the glue though. I have seen pvc tubes on the ups truck with labels on them my ups guy said he thought it was fishing poles inside. Anyway if your not worried about the extra cost for being over 36" you might try that.
  9. I am located in the east, and can help you as well if you have not found anyone yet. You can contact me anytime by email @ timmckinney@hotmail.com
  10. Hey Tyler, Silverama.biz looks like they have what you need. As far as attaching it, was just glued on, but the rawhide should have covered a small amount the edge. My daughters fell of hers a while back, and the glue spot is still on the back of the concho.
  11. Thanks oltoot I tried that, but it didn't turn up much.
  12. Beautiful bag! What kind of leather did you use? Is it all the same leather?
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