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  1. Thanks again, I am on my way Monday to sew off Appreciate all your advise. Yuman
  2. Thanks again fellas, I have been rode hard and put away wet so I hope I'll recognize that condition in a machine. Art I sure you are correct about the small bobin in the 277. I am getting sample leather and my thread together to go sew of the 287. Would you guys say the consew 287 specs out and sews like the 153w103 only the consew having reverse? I had the idea it was more heavy duty than the 153. Would a 227 do just as well for bags belts and wallets? I am sure when I write it is real nice to have you guys around I am expressing the view of many of this sites subscribers. Thank you.
  3. Hello again, I have been looking at some machines and have come up with two which I think (but don't know) might work for me. I am currently hand sewing bags, belts and wallets, the usual suspects. The machines I have found and are both coming out of a recently closed leather shop Consew 277r cylinder machine. Small dia. cylinder about an inch less cir. than 287. Kind of the size I think of a Pfaff 335. very nice rig. Consew 287 r one inch larger dia. cylinder also very nice. They owner says 277 wil sew 207 thread and down and the 287 a size or two above 207 and down to 68. They are clean been cared for and sew nice if you can slow them down. What do you guys think of these models for bags belts and wallets. What would be a fair price for each. I know I will have to go to a speed reducer and servo which ever one I pick. Your insights will be highly valued. Thank you, Yuman
  4. Thank you Guys, I am really glad you are out there. I have a line on two used machines, both in very good condition both consew. They are from a recently working and now defunct leather shop. First a consew 277r second a newer consew 287r. Both are somewhat higher priced. As I wrote earlier I do bags and belt and wallets cylinder arm essential. Consew 277 has a smaller and more slim arm. The difference is about one inch around on cylinder 277 being smaller. The shop person says the 277 can sew up to 207 thread and the 287 even larger. Both he said will sew 69. Standard flat tables and I will have to swap out motors for a servo and speed reducer. What do you guys think of these models and their compared usefullness for my projects? Your advise is and will be valued. Thank you, Yuman
  5. Hello everyone,I am looking at a consew 223r as a first machine. It is a needle feed not walking foot. I sew bags large and small, do lined dress belts, and sometimes wallets 3oz to 9 oz leather.. I could go for a 153w103 and forgo reverse and get walking foot. I was interested in stirrup plate for gussets on bags.. Will these machines accept those? The machine prices are 500 and 350 respectively. I have read most of the posts and am still unclear of the compared advantages of needle compound feed vs. walking foot for my particular projects. Your advise will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Yuman
  6. Dear Donna, Correct response is to tell the man, Hey, I don't like that. Once said, you can leave the whole experience where it happened in his office door way. While I sure your husband will defend your honor and social preferences you can do some of that yourself. Take it from a man when a lady lets you know, you won't soon forget. Since your husband had to register his anger probably a good idea to get a new accountant. Don't worry how he feels because he hasn't worried about how you might feel. Real Gentlemen are not condescending. Yuman
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