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  1. That is freaking amazing!
  2. That's two scraps that turned into something neat! I wonder how it would look reversed, with the leather on the inside? What kind of glue did you use?
  3. Bonjour Mitch! That's all the French I will butcher in front of you from now on. (As a child I learned baby French from my Canadian mother). Your leatherwork looks great!
  4. Very nice! Funny enough I was about to post the half chaps/gaiters I made! Now I look like I'm copying you.
  5. Just wanted to say I hope you're doing awesome, and I still look up the stuff you've shared on Leatherworker!

  6. Sounds good! I'll message you.
  7. Figures, offer was made right when I took a look and was thinking about it! lol
  8. About how wide are most of the scraps and what thickness? I actually have an experiment I want to run involving arrows and hardened leather so scraps would be great, but they need to be armor weight so the thicker the better.
  9. Very polished looking! Normally I'm not the biggest fan of the two-tone items except when it really works, and in this case it really works!
  10. Very neat! My only quibble would be the rings clinking against the axe, but I imagine some people would actually enjoy that (like spurs jangling). Clever use of the vacuum sealer, and good on you on anticipating the texture being an issue. That does however give ideas for placing items in when forming it to see if you can get some neat effects, like using tulle for a delicate scaley texture. I really dig that little kidney bean sheath, looks useful! There's issues either way when it comes to tooling, shaping it after tooling can mar the pattern, but tooling after shaping will warp the shape. From what I've seen different people have different preferences, and it may depend on just how much tooling is being done as well. That was helpful, wasn't it?
  11. Pink is absolutely not my thing but you did a great job! I'm sure the customer is thrilled!
  12. That's what spending several grand in art school gets ya, the ability to critique.
  13. Nice! Good job on making the initials stand out from the busy background without completely overwhelming it!
  14. Spectacular work! Thanks for posting pics of the team, too!
  15. Oh and I should have mentioned, most printing places have the ability to print from the file you send them to the actual size. Some you can email it in, others have it on their website.
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