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  1. Grey Drakkon

    Small Shoulder Bag

    Oh and I should have mentioned, most printing places have the ability to print from the file you send them to the actual size. Some you can email it in, others have it on their website.
  2. Grey Drakkon

    Small Shoulder Bag

    I use the "print poster" setting where it spots them all out and you puzzle them back together.
  3. Grey Drakkon

    Small Shoulder Bag

    Ooh, that DOES look handy! Being impatient, I already put a crystal rivet in the spare hole. Figure someone would like it.
  4. Grey Drakkon

    Small Shoulder Bag

    Hey can someone help me out? I'm trucking along with this pattern and have everything cut out/holes made and I'm about to stitch down the closure strap when I see that the placement of the Sam Brown button makes no sense on the pattern. When I look at the finished bag, it looks WAY lower but in the pattern it's literally one inch from the top. Am I reading it wrong/is it accurate and it will look fine in the end/is the pattern not right? Wish I hadn't made that hole now if it's the last case. Maybe I'll put a decorative rivet there if it is a misplaced hole.
  5. Grey Drakkon

    Sunglasses Case

    Hah well thanks!
  6. Grey Drakkon

    Sunglasses Case

    I was going through some of Tboyce's great patterns and finally got up and made something from one. Hope you're doing alright, Tboyce! I was lazy so I just riveted it instead of sewing.
  7. Grey Drakkon

    Hedeby Quiver

    Excellent! Are you in the SCA by any chance? Or is the reenactment a different type?
  8. Grey Drakkon

    Japanese Knot Purse

    Thanks! If only I could sell it for the same amount! Actually I nabbed it from a pdf on these forums! The pattern was NOT intuitive for me at all, at one point I was baffled how it would actually end up working, but I just kept doing what it told me to do and it hit that click point where you go "Oooooh THAT'S how that works." I did modify the pattern to make a shoulder strap instead of a wrist strap though. Far too many, but some of that was fumbling around because it's the first time I made it.
  9. Grey Drakkon

    Japanese Knot Purse

    Hah more like 12. Thin thread though so it looks fine than it actually is. There's actually 3! The two are made of a bit of fabric that lines up perfectly with the background. Thanks!
  10. Grey Drakkon

    Eye am watching you

    Those are awesome, and fantastic painting job!
  11. Ok so I spent way too long hand sewing this thing, mostly due to the straps. I'm pretty happy with how it came out though! The leather is a really soft strong navy blue, and the interior is cotton. I'm rather pleased with how well I lined up the pockets, I used up just about all of the fabric I had in this pattern for it.
  12. Grey Drakkon

    In search of Baroque Bridle hardware and adornments

    Where did you find them?
  13. Grey Drakkon

    Leather Scissor Case Template/Pattern

    That's kinda how I made my snips sheath, just laid the snips on paper, left enough space to account for the leather going around the snips and for stitches, then folded the paper where the bottom goes and cut it out following the drawn shape so it would have a taper and just tidied up the top into a curve to make it easy to remove. Works great!
  14. Grey Drakkon

    Flip Flops Tutorial

    Whoops, realized I should have quoted you when replying.