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  1. JL, Great to hear from you! Everything is packed for the move and waiting for my building to be delivered. Covid and the freeze....... go figure . Keep me posted on your projects and I'll do the same. Michael barbedwireleatherstudios@gmail.com
  2. Howdy Rob! Congratulations on starting leathercrafting. It has been a lifelong hobby of mine and it has been very rewarding for me, not only mentally but monetarily as well. I started back in 1965 when my father bought my Tandy's starter set. We moved to what was then country (Spring, Texas). I enjoy leather crafting very much, I was always good with my hands and very creative, and to this day it is very satisfying to me. I have since moved my craft from hobby to a part time business and now moving to a shop to develop a full time business. If you are serious about this craft I might be able to help you, online or in person (one on one). I have taught class for tandy, off and on, over the years. If this is of interest to you, reach out to me. I always enjoy introducing new people to this fun and profitable craft. Thanks for reading my post. Aso if anyone else in the area is interest I'd like to hear from you too. Michael, barbedwireleatherstudios@gmail.com Below are pics of my latest commision. Thanks for looking
  3. Actually I think I Like it. It's quick drying (apply on both contact surfaces) and is a bit like contact cement. It appears to dry more pliable than contact cement. It come in a tube with a fine nose on it. I bought a small tube of it at Hobby Lobby. As of now it is serving me well.
  4. I have just found a recipe that a had lost some time ago. It is a recipe that I have used forever and became desperate when running low on it. It is an alternative to procarve. I am sharing this recipe with you if you do not have it already. 1 tbs. Listerine (the brown stuff) 1-2 tbs. Johnson's baby shampoo 1/2 c. clean water (I use bottled water) 1/2 c. Lexol cond. (in the brown jug)
  5. Thanks Bikermutt07! I am trying E-600 at present; a recommendation from my daughter. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for the reply
  6. Thanks everyone for your responses This is giving me food for thought.
  7. I am looking for a leather bonding glue. I would prefer that it has a fine tip. Does anyone have any ideas?
  8. You are so rite on.............. my customary fee for custom commissions is $ 25 dollars an hour. That is product design working with the customer to the finish product.
  9. I downloaded a picture of my makers stamp Comments welcome!
  10. I use this one. I bought it from Tandy. I like it! Glass slicker.htm
  11. I need a bunch too! I'm sure he could use the extra coin. As for myself, I need the advertisment
  12. If you have something that changed the voltage; if your voltage is changed, so is your amps. If your voltage is lowered, your amps go up. If If your voltage goes up, your amps go down. "Don't squat with your spurs on" Michael
  13. Howdy everyone! Just throwing my thanks into the ring for Studio-N. He has just made a Makers Stamp for me it is awsome and to boot, a pleasure to work with; not found around here much. Reading a few articles, it's better than a business card. "They WILL find you" folks like to brag about they had made! I do
  14. Man! It looks a lot like a Tippman Boss?
  15. Drawing a design would be, simply sketching out of a Sheridan-style sketchbook?
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