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  1. Hi there Calgarian Tom, There's no check box visible for me. It's not that the work is that embarrassing, but its not representative of the work I do now. I'd like to update my gallery with more recent work, without the past items representing what I do. I would really appreciate if you would delete any of my current albums. Thank you in advance.
  2. When I signed up to the forum years ago, I posted some photos to my gallery that were my very first pieces. I'm absolutely embarrassed by them now and want to delete them. I've looked at other threads about how to do this, but the directions appear to be for a different version of the forum software, and don't apply to what I am seeing when I'm in my profile. Can anyone help?
  3. Thanks Bob. That's a step in the right direction.
  4. Don't forget Halford Hide in Calgary & Edmonton http://www.halfordhide.com/
  5. I'm considering buying this machine locally, but my research into the brand is turning up nothing. Anyone know anything about Paulsew?
  6. Howdy all. I'm looking for a Boss stitcher, but would like to keep shipping cost relatively sane. If you have one and are within 1000 miles or so of Calgary Alberta, let's talk.
  7. Here's a good free vest pattern Hope it turns out well for ya.
  8. Thanks for the tips folks. I appreciate it. Vinegaroon is super easy to make. Read all about it here. There are a few guys posting photos of vinegarooned pieces here on the site. Search vinegaroon and you'll run into some stuff.
  9. I've been experimenting with coloring my leather with vinegaroon and love the results other than the bloody awful smell. I'm submersing my hide for a couple seconds, letting it sit for a minute, and then soaking in baking soda solution for a few minutes and then submersing in plain water for a few minutes after that. The color comes out nice but the leather smells terrible! Am I missing a step, or can any of you recommend something that will mellow the stench?
  10. Hi, I'd like access to the 'adult' are of the site, please. Name: Jeffrey Cockram UserName: JohnnyTremendous IP Address: Email Address: cockram@telus.net
  11. I went to your site and you do nice work, Noah. Good to see someone with a fresh point of view.
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