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  1. Sorry for the delay in responding. I've been under the weather, but am on the way to recovery. Thanks for the responses. The gun is a Glock 45 with a Holosun sight. Since my first post I've done more research and even made a test holster from belly leather. The customer liked it and I only need to make minor tweeks to the pattern. He ordered several of them. There doesn't seem to be much to do differently other than a large cutout for the sight, and getting it in the right place.
  2. I had someone come over today with a 9mm semi-auto and a Red Dot sight. He wants several holsters. I've made lots of holsters , but never one with this sight. These will be leather holsters. Any info would be appreciated.
  3. Nice job on the tool rack. I'm still debating my options. I have a houseful lately with my daughter and son-in-law living with us. They have five kids, ages 8 to 18. They all want to watch me work. I've done lots of leather projects with them, though.
  4. This is what I currently use, which is too small. I have a fourth tool rack elsewhere in my shop that I made as a teenager, longer ago than I care to remember that I used forever. There are over 60 tools still in it. I want to get down to one tool rack for my stamps. Next picture. I found this tool rack somewhere on this forum and am considering making something similar, but am not sure I will like using it. My question: If you use something like this, how do you like it?
  5. The tool you bought runs at 3450 RPM. My understanding is that this RMP level is too fast for burnishing. The burnishing machines I have seen can operate much slower. The Cobra one has a variable speed motor from 2000 to 3450. The machine Weaver Leather sells operates at 1725 RPM.
  6. Yes, a block to hold stamping tools.
  7. My current tool rack is too small. It has about 120 holes and I need about 80 more. I can make a larger one, but I'm wondering if I want a different design. Looking at the tool racks posted here, I've seen some racks with larger holes that hold multiple tools. For those with that type of rack, do you like it? Is it better than your old rack with individual holes?
  8. I was able to get close to the OD green color by using 1 part black and 6 parts yellow. 1 in 9 parts is also close. Turns out the customer doesn't own the gun yet, so there is no order placed. In a couple of weeks I'll take a trip to a few larger gun stores and take my sample with me to compare colors and see which is the best match.
  9. An application of neatsfoot oil will also change the color. I have to take that into consideration as well.
  10. I believe that is the color I want.
  11. Nice sheaths. This is one reason I always ask my customers what side they will be carrying the knife on.
  12. I have a customer wanting OD Green on a holster to match his Springfield Operator 1911. Has anyone here ever mixed this up?
  13. Thanks for your help. My customer says he has a holster for a K frame and it is too big. My SP101 was too small and we couldn't really decide if I could get it to work so I didn't get that sale. I will look into the UK link and see what the cost would be if they can send it overseas. Thanks for all your advice.
  14. I might be making helmet shields for my local fire department. I do have access to one for a basic design so that isn't a pressing issue. They want a color scheme, with the Chiefs having a white shield. I'm not sure where to get white leather in 7 oz thickness, if there is any. There may be other ways to get the white effect that I don't know of. I could paint it but paint isn't as durable as dye. I would apprediate some words of advice from the board. Thanks.
  15. I have two drill presses, a full size and a non-working bench top model. Before I bought my Cobra I used the bench top to drill the holes. I first used a 1/16 inch drill and drilled each hole. Then I got the idea to turn the bit around and ground a point on the flat end. With the drill running, it makes a nice hole without removing any leather. After the motor burned out I got the larger press so now I only use the smaller drill press for things the Cobra won't do well. And instead of a drill bit I chucked a #24 needle and punch the holes. It goes in easy but takes some effort to hold down the leather when removing the needle. I recently bought an awl so now I have an awl blade and next time I might use it instead of a needle.
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