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  1. Max, how do you manage to put snaps through three layers of leather (the back of the snaps?). Do you skive it all to hell or what? Haha. That's what I've always had to do... PMZ
  2. Thanks to Mike's generosity, I was able to make one of these holsters.... IMG0120A by Stagdag1, on Flickr Thanks bro! PMZ
  3. WOW! Nice braiding and finishing skillz:) PMZ
  4. I'm trying to do so on chrome tanned deer and calfskin using the pencil transfer technique...how do you guys and gals do it? Thanks in advance! PMZ
  5. Thank you, I ended up not using that bridle leather for anything but straps and simple wetformed stuff. It just wouldn't take a stamp! PMZ Well, tonight I am going to try tooling a piece of leather I cased today. It will only have been perhaps 8 or 10 hours since I wetted it? I ran it under a warm faucet till it was limp, and hung it up on a laundry hook. (I've already assembled it, just wanted to do some tooling). Is 8 or 10 hours enough time for it to dry? Thanks much for your help! PMZ
  6. Moar stuff for critique. Check it out!

  7. Posted a couple of new pics for critique. Advice welcome:)

  8. Thanks guys, I just took the plunge and did it. It didn't run, but a lot of the dye rinsed off apparently. Either way I'm probably gonna beeswax it so I won't matter. Cheers:) PMZ
  9. I just made an item out of heavy vegtan leather and like a dummy I went and dyed it before I wetformed it. I've never done it like that before, assuming that the inks/dyes would run if I wetformed it after dyeing. Will it work out OK? PMZ
  10. Can you re-case leather that has been dyed with pigment dye?

  11. Hello Stagdag!!!

    I will help you with the archers bracer if you still need to know when I get back home in a few days. Currently taking a break from everything but back home on Sunday. Me thinks I need to send some pics on the arcgers style bracer that is not posted to the board. PLZ drop me an email korpham@gmail.com

    Best regards and sorry for late reply, life is just hec...

  12. trying to locate a pattern for a .600 caliber ball pouch...

  13. Hi there,

    I was asking around about how to size a pattern for my arm for an archery bracer, and NoahL directed me to you.

    I saw one of your posts on those very handsome bracers you make, and wondered how you go about measuring and cutting out the pattern to make a standard archery bracer.

    Thanks for any help you may be able to give me.



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