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  1. Does your transporter come down to the Ocala, FL area often? I am interested but would have to put a few pennies together
  2. SHOP CLOSING - A colleague is selling his equipment. His assessment puts the used equipment value around $250K but Dr. says he has to simplify and he has two other businesses (and we all know the leather business is involved!) - so he's looking to sell ALL for $60K. (He is not ready to break it up) All is located in Central Florida. I tried to attach a pdf but it was too big and couldn't get it reduced. A little hard to look at in list form like this but you can email me for a pdf copy > barcsaddlery@yahoo.com The list is not complete. He has a few more pieces of equipment to catalog and a lot of raw materials. If you're interested, please contact me and I can get photos and help him complete the inventory report. TYPE NAME/BRAND Serial # Model # Value Wire Stapler (2) General Staple Co 017604 L Glue Tape Machine Better Pack 8BP-116532 Weight Scale Pelouze P70 Eylet/Snap Fastener/Foot Pressed DOT Fastener Co. M236 Skiver (German) Fortuna-SAS 55393 Skiver (German) Fortuna-Werk 70095 Skiver (German) Fortuna-SAS 57436 Skiver (German) Fortuna-SAS 53807 Foil Stamp Machine (Electric) (Heat Press, Head 3x2) Cassco 1159-1685 HPS-2500 Hydraulic Cutting Press (3 phase Clicker, Hungary) Indusco C106.7 816 Hydraulic Cutting Press (3 phase Clicker,Canada) BATA Engineering 2944 MK2 12" Splitter (2) (1 operates, 1 needs repair) United Shoe Machinery Corp (USMC) A Metal Roll Rack on Wheels (Six Cylinders) 4' Cutting Table & Jaques Shear (MA) Hobbs Manufacturing Co 17838 Roller Style Embosser Dayton Electric Motor & Air Combined Brass Engraved Rollers for Embossing (75-80 Rollers) Exact Touch Edge Finisher Weaver Leather 74729 Spray Booth w/Exhaust Fan & Spray Trays (12) Spray Guns (7) Strap Edge Finisher/Buffer (Italy) Galli FCE-Brevetto N*20305/A-83 Cut Out Machine Western 2187 RMH Cut Out Machine Western 1230 RMH Flat Bed Sewing Machine (DBL Walk Fost) PFAFF 545 545-H4-6/01-CLPMN 767812 Sewing Machine Durkopp Adler 205/370 627365 K205990017-370 Sewing Machine (Japan) Consew CW-8603049 227R Sewing Machine SIMANCO-210556 W-866659 107W1 Snap Machine DOT-United CARR M-246-1602 M245-81C Snap Machine DOT-United CARR M-245-1993 Splicer/Strip Cutter Randall Machine Corp 1370 132 Splicer/Strip Cutter Randall Machine Corp 1425 132 Splicer/Strip Cutter Continental 740489 1025 Strap Trimmer/Beveler Randall Machine Corp G75109 NSB Bench Grinder 1/4hp Sears Craftsman 39719301 TYPE NAME/BRAND Serial # Model # Value Edge Embosser (German) Shine 286/236 Rivitor(Manual Foot Press) Weaver 12" Roller Press (Domer) Brand Stamper/Embosser (Electric, Heat,Air, Pressure) Ackergould Custom Table Buffer/Burnisher Marathon Electric Motor 4" Belt/6" Disc Sander DELTA P9649 31-460 Type/Tipo2 Royal Perforator Randall Nylon Hole 4 Hole Punch Burner (Gas & Electric) Large Selection of Metal Clicker Dies
  3. I just launched my supply line and am adding lots of new dies. I'll be offering nose band blanks, spur strap blanks, breast collar blanks, halter sets and soon adding kits as well as patterns etc. Bookmark us and sign up for our newsletter so you'll know when we add new products! I'm currently offering my blanks in Hermann Oak leather in the weights 7/8, 8/9 and 9/10 oz vegetable tanned but will soon have Wickett & Craig and eventually offer options of bridle leather, embossed leathers etc. My new tack sets will have inlay/overlay options too. www.barcsaddlery.com (you can sign up for our newsletter at the website or our FB page) --Newsletter sign up at our fb page https://www.facebook.com/CarrollCustomLeather/app/100265896690345/
  4. I'm assuming with the age of the ad and the moving situation that this press is already sold - but I thought I'd ask just in case!! Is it available? Thanks!
  5. Thanks Tom, I appreciate it. My biggest concern was the motor and if I should be looking for anything special but I figured if one of our sewing machine dealers saw the thread they might be able to answer both. I actually got brave, dug in and fixed the thread adjusting button ~ It was just rusted in place which is interesting since the machine has very little rust anywhere else. Guess I will call around about the motors Monday
  6. Looking for a servo motor (new or used good condition) for my Juki LU 562
  7. Hi All! Wondering if anyone can tell me what I need to look for in a servo motor for my Juki LU 562 Industrial Machine. With clutch it is way too fast for the precision work I'd like to do with it (or I'm just too slow!) I'm finding some motors for anywhere from $99 up to $150 on ebay but not sure if there is anyone who can tell me if there are special specifications I need to look for. Also, the stitch length adjusting button is stuck down in the machine ...husband says it looks like it is wearing out the cam from being stuck (have only tested it on a few pieces since I bought it). Husband is a machinist so we can probably make a new cam if they are hard to find but can anyone recommend a Juki parts dealer that could possibly walk me through fixing this? Thanks! Natalie
  8. Thank you --- No bound thread etc... nothing obviously bent so far, but will re-evaluate!
  9. Hi Everyone!! It has been a super long time since I've been here, I miss it ;o) I just bought a Juki LU-562 machine from an older gentleman who had never sewn on it. This man bought it to learn and decided he liked his Boss well enough, most likely because it is not equipped with a servo motor. I definitely plan to change to a servo as soon as possible but I have a few other issues that need ironing out. * The button to press for stitch adjustment is rusted in place and my stitch length stays the same but the stitch length dial spins freely while sewing. ___ I've been soaking it with WD-40 and ate up a lot of the rust but it is stuck in the down position and not sure the best method to try to tap it out, would have to be from the bottom somehow. * There is a spot in the rotation of the machine where, if using the hand wheel without the belt attached to the motor, you can feel a lot of resistance. I believe it is when the needle bar is going into, through, and coming out of the highest position. ___ I don't think that should be normal but maybe I'm wrong?? * Will a servo fit the machine and is it hard to switch? (I have already emailed Ferdco to see if they have any left ) * I have read posts that say if you are good with a clutch you can operate one of these fast machines more slowly... Is that true? As of now, my pedal has to be depressed almost all they way down to start the machine (and then it goes FAST), if I tighten up the mechanism, should I have more control over the speed? Thanks in Advance!! Natalie
  10. You all are just awesome! It's so great to find such helpful fellow crafters and Mike, a special thanks to you for sharing your outlines! )
  11. So.... I'm getting the feeling this is just "part of the job" I suppose I could use it as an excuse to buy a nicer swivel and/or just take breaks and do my stretches! I do try to remember to do my anti-carpal-tunnel stretches daily and when I cramp, I seem to remember a little more readily!! Thank you for the advice, still open to any magical solutions.
  12. I've read up on some old posts about swivel knives and cramping. There wasn't much to be found, although I did find a post about setting the height. I've been in leather craft for about 13 years now but the business itself is fairly young and just moving out of the "part time" classification. Thank goodness I took Bob Park's advice and got some proper sharpening stones and that has helped me out tremendously! I'm still having problems with cramping in my hand with my swivel knife cutting. I use a filigree blade (recently moved to a fatter 1/2" barrel) for most of my floral/ tight curve carving. My standard swivel blade is on a smaller barrel and I use it for straight cut borders and decorative cuts. I've tried making the knives taller, shorter, switching the blade to the bigger & thinner barrels to no avail. I thought maybe having the blade properly sharpened would help but doesn't seem to. I don't have small hands, I would say average. My cramp is NOT in my index finger as I read some people's cramps occur. My cramping occurs in the 'meaty' base of my thumb. That muscle at the base of my palm. My question is... could I be using pressure at the wrong places? I've looked at many pictures of people holding their swivel knives and I don't see any major differences in how I hold mine so I'm thinking I'm just squeezing the barrel too hard??? I can't seem to do it any different. ANY advice is greatly appreciated Thanks, Natalie Carroll Bar C Saddlery
  13. I'd say you're off to a great start!! Don't worry... after a few years of leather working your hands will be dry and rough and calloused (and probably off colored from dyes)!!! Ha Ha! It's always when I'm headed to the shop that I think of the slathering of lotion my hands need ... and then I don't want to do it because I don't want to get it on my leather. You could buy gloves and modify them, cutting off all but the pinkies or you could just get medical tape and wrap them. The gloves were awkward for me and bandaids just don't stay put. You're in great company and I wish I'd have known about this forum (if it existed) when I first started. It will greatly improve your learning curve.
  14. Muchas Gracias!!! Thank You!! Merci!!! Very helpful. Not far off from what I had been doing recently with a few minor exceptions that might just do the trick!!! Gotta love Rachael and her EVOO ;o) I've tried it before but don't use it regularly... have been contemplating replacing all my shop oil with it when I run out, I might just do that.
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