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  1. Very nice. And that stuff you are pointing ort are not mistakes. They are experiments or chacter that is added to the work.
  2. Yup. ..... And ..... Both bikes look awesome. You do some mighty fine work Steve. I've been a bit of a fan for awhile now.
  3. On anything you lace, it should be tamped. It sets the lace in place. Notice that when you lace something up, the weaving of the lace in, out, thru, over, etc, it creates hills and valleys. Tamping smooths and levels it out as well as setting the lace. Try it on a piece of scrap. Punch a dozen holes in a couple pieces of leather and lace them together using the lace pattern you are going to on the seat. Then tamp it down and note the difference. If your plan is to use a simple "X" style stitch, it won't make much difference but anything else will show. Good luck. The seat is coming along nicely. I'd be a bit concerned about that parallel (spelling?) scar on the nose of the seat tho. Adds an interesting chacteristic as well as natural charm to the seat but be sure the leather isn't weaker there.
  4. Definition of tamp Use a mallet and tamp the lace down flat.
  5. Great idea. Turned out very nice.
  6. I overlap the top over the bottom. Be sure to tamp the lace as you work your way around the seat.
  7. My given name is Curtis. The handle Gremlin came about when I was a young, short, mischievous, prankster. Now, my wife says I'm just a dirty old runt that lives in the doghouse.
  8. Gremlin


    Tandy, Amazon.com, Chapters.ca, DavidMorgan.com
  9. Gremlin

    Maker stamp

    Wow, some very nice and unique makers stamps shown here. Mine are made by Jeff at Grey Ghost and pretty simple in design.
  10. I guess my earlier question was missed regarding the padding. I'm curious about how thick the high density foam padding is you used in the chaps.
  11. Gremlin


    Tandy also sells this one which is also very good for someone wanting the basics: Another Tandy book Authors to look for once you are ready are: Ron Edwards - clear illustrations and directions David Morgan - mostly whip making but very good Bruce Grant - the top of the heap but keep in mind his illustrations and instructions are a bit hard to follow Gail Hought (spelling?) - haven't had my AM coffee yet so I cannot be sure of the last name
  12. Thanks Jordan. Yes, the student did an awesome job on it. As for the measured drawings, they don't have any. This horse was made from a set of instructions that HideMechanic (from this site) sent me.
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