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  1. I've gotten much better at finishing my edges & stitching since the original post and I've figured out a way to set the spots that works for me. I use graph paper to mark the placement of each spot and an exacto knife with a blade the same size as the prongs...works great and I can dedicate my Tandy press to rivets. Thanks!
  2. I like tattoo style fonts like Shore Leave BB and SkinArt. Here's a personalized dog collar I made using Shore Leave.
  3. Never thought of adding Leatherwork as a category. I've been selling my dog collars on Etsy and list them under Pets first (then collar, then leather). I've just started to make sense of all the ways people can find your stuff on etsy and one of the tips I've seen over & over is use all 14 tags (this is one of the ways the search engines will find you too). You can put 'leather' and/or 'leatherwork' in your tags. I did that on a new listing and right away someone bought it. Jess Etsy shop: dieselDOGwear
  4. I like them all, but especially the brass studded one...the studs are perfectly aligned.....how?!?
  5. I've used a regular Sharpie to outline my design and then I brushed acrylic paints. After the paint was dry I went back over it with the Sharpie and it worked fine. After it was completely dry I airbrushed Resolene to seal. I wouldn't recommend Sharpie's Paint Marker though ~ I just didn't have any luck with it...
  6. Very Nice! I would like to see pics of the Cane Corso wearing it...
  7. A few months ago I started making collars and have really gotten into designing and creating them, but I've ran into a few problems. If anyone can take a look and give me some feedback I would really appreciate it. Right now my biggest issue is setting spots. I have a Tandy press with the adjustable guide, but when I press the spot into the 8-10oz Bridle leather sometimes the prongs don't go all the way through and they bend...I also can't figure out how to get them even. I would really appreciate any tips you have, Thanks!
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