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  1. Sold, thanks for looking.
  2. Tippman Boss in good condition. Comes with flat bed attachment, assorted presser feet, extra bobbin shuttle, edge guide, variety of extra needles sizes, bobbins, thread, tools, manual, original box, etc. $975, buyer pays shipping, or if local pickup you can have the table it's mounted on and the attached lamp. Located near Austin, TX PM me or text 512-585-8062 Thanks,
  3. Thanks for the advice guys. I am going to try doing a few pieces without the heater and see if it makes a difference. I want to also try the heater method with a different hide, to single out the quality issue. Rayban, that is great advice! I had actually about decided that also. I did one piece in black and it came out fine. this hide might be destined for black products!
  4. Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice. Recently I began noticing water stains on the leather after drying. I have read through old post to try to figure out the issue, but not sure what to think. I have been using a space heater to speed up the drying process...could that be causing the problems? I have hard water, so I soaked one mag pouch in "bottled" water to see if there was a difference, both came out with problem areas. I also re-soaked one in good water, but it dried with the same marks. I have seen a lot of quality defects in the leather (cheap), but mainly discolored bumps not these obvious water marks that become visible when drying. I don't recall this happening before, I think the only thing I have changed is using the heater. Could it be drying too fast? too hot? I try to keep it about 120-130F but I know it has gotten higher at times. Thanks for the help!
  5. Hey guys, I have been lurking and learning for awhile. I have only recently began producing a few items (pistol holster and mag holsters, by necessity) but was inspired to make a game strap for use in the field this season. This was my first time to attach anything with rivets, and first try at tooling! I really got off line as you can see from the pic. Is anyone familiar with producing game straps? Just looking for some ideas of how to make it better. Should I sew a piece under the shoulder part for more friction and padding? what would you use? what could I use to make it softer and more plyable. I used oil dye, followed by eco-flow satin shene, then applied a coat of Obenaufs LP to hopefully help waterproof. Thanks for any help you can provide. I have attached a pic if you have any comments, and don't worry I have thick skin. Jason
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