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    BDSM gear including collars and cuffs...also belts
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  1. My guess is the rivet is too long for the thickness. The rivet should only barely stick though your work piece
  2. Nice work. I seen trading cards about 11 years ago. One of the Tandy reps showed me one he did when he was in town to teach a class. Awesome idea
  3. Very nice work.
  4. I made this from memory. My sister had one like this. The only difference is hers was suede. This is my first turned project. What could I do to make it better. This is a sample is why the belt loop is not the same color leather.
  5. One thing I don’t see mentioned here is import tax or duty. I have ordered lamb skin from Italy. Once the shipment comes the shipper may charge you the import tax and duty on the shipment. I think it’s a percentage of the value of the merchandise. You don’t know until the package reaches you how much if any they will charge. In my case it was about 10 US dollars per hide for lamb skin extra. I knew when I bought it that I may have to pay this. To me it was worth it. I got top quality hides in some finishes I couldn’t get here.
  6. Thanks I appreciate your comments. She liked it so much I made a matching leash.
  7. This is a collar for a customer. It is for a huge female pit bull so I made it extra heavy so it didn’t get lost on her. Her owner was very pleased. What do you think?
  8. Looking for dies that fit the craft tool red press. Such as spot, rivet and snap dies. Looking for a whole set of them.
  9. I use bottom zipper stops. Been using them over 10 years now. You have to poke hole first then bend over tabs.
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