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    Hunting, Fishing, Outdoors, Bonfires and the Beach. BDSM of course.

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    BDSM gear including collars and cuffs...also belts
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    more about making belts and collars
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    tandy leather told me

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  1. DomsLeather

    Pit bull collar

    Thanks, I appreciate that.
  2. DomsLeather

    Pit bull collar

    Thanks I appreciate your comments. She liked it so much I made a matching leash.
  3. DomsLeather

    Pit bull collar

    This is a collar for a customer. It is for a huge female pit bull so I made it extra heavy so it didn’t get lost on her. Her owner was very pleased. What do you think?
  4. DomsLeather

    Dies for red craft tool press

    Looking for dies that fit the craft tool red press. Such as spot, rivet and snap dies. Looking for a whole set of them.
  5. DomsLeather

    Wee Coin Purse

    Nice piece. Like the matching snap.
  6. DomsLeather

    3rd son, 3rd laptop bag

    Sweet looking bag. Nice work.
  7. DomsLeather

    Loop stapler: Weaver vs. EGM vs. ?

    I use bottom zipper stops. Been using them over 10 years now. You have to poke hole first then bend over tabs.
  8. DomsLeather

    Cue Case Build

    Very nice!
  9. DomsLeather

    Granite pieces

    Dave, I did the same thing. I went and got granite sink cutouts. He gave me all I wanted. He had a pallet full so I backed up and took what I could load. I got maybe 20. I took my wet saw and squared them up and got them to about 16 inches square. I’ve not broke one yet if I do I have 19 more to go. I put mine on a rubber mat to protect the bench also help absorb the shock. It’s a very dense mat made for cutting on.
  10. DomsLeather

    FACE MASKS 101

    Awesome, peace to you.
  11. DomsLeather

    Crossbody Bag Prototype

    Thanks for the response. This was raw vegtan. It was horrible.
  12. DomsLeather

    Crossbody Bag Prototype

    I have used some laser cut and etched leather before. I hated it because of the burnt hair smell. They were keychains cut out and logo lasered on them. I put the rings on them and riveted them. Does the smell fade? I got them from the laser guy right after he cut and engraved them.
  13. DomsLeather

    Tough skirting ???

    I had some 12 to 15 oz veg tan I couldn’t click with my manual clicker press. I cased it to see if it would update help and it did. I dampened it like I was going to carve or stamp it and it clicked easier. I am not sure if that’s proper but it worked for me. I let the prices dry overnight stained and finished them the next day.
  14. DomsLeather

    Really key rings

    Someone has been busy
  15. Something I need to make in a few colors to keep my lighters from being nicked. Lol