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  1. Same here...awesome work! Rob
  2. Saddle patterns: http://www.mediafire.com/?yzm2wco4tu6rw88 Rob
  3. First set of holster patterns: http://www.mediafire.com/?2hgjr8h85881twv Rob
  4. Yep...it worked like a charm! Now, I'll go ahead and convert these to jpegs, upload them to Mediafire, and post the links here. Rob
  5. Nope...I keep getting this message: This item might not exist or is no longer available This item might have been deleted, expired, or you might not have permission to view it. Contact the owner of this item for more information. I'm not sure what's happening, because it worked yesterday..... Rob
  6. DBP...If it will help, I can upload them to my Mediafire account and supply the download links. Rob
  7. Wow, that's awesome, Mike! Thanks for sharing; I can convert this to vector if anyone wants it; but, as it is, it looks pretty serviceable...all one needs to do is to enlarge it up to fit the scale! Rob
  8. DBP, Here's my latest attempt, using your cleaner, 449x720 jpeg.; it does look a little better than the last one, but I believe the muddy results we getting are because we're trying to improve and enlarge a small resolution image, up to an 8.5x11 or larger vector....if we could get the image in a larger format (preferably the actual size scan), I think it would be a better result. http://www.mediafire.com/view/?vxjdfnu4p4vim2w I'm using a program called Vector Magic, and it's always worked very well for me in the past; the results depend, of course, on the source image. Rob
  9. OK, I tried to vectorize the last image, but it's still not high enough resolution to make a decent scan. I have uploaded the results to my Mediafire account, for those who would like to see the results: PDF format: http://www.mediafire...dch2srawzsr9520 Here is also a scalable image (,svg) format: http://www.mediafire...brc54isepfkie98 Here's a .dxf format: http://www.mediafire...d6ssnayj3481pxx Here's an AutoCad 2000 .dwg format: http://www.mediafire...6163as1hawnucst And finally, an Acad 2004 ..dwg that I tweaked a little; it has no text, but it's the pattern outline from the jpeg image...if you know how to build one of these, it should help somewhat for a basic pattern outline: http://www.mediafire...scpavask72ljzmd In the meantime, I'll keep looking for a better, larger image to convert....I know there's one out there somewhere; we just have to find it! Rob
  10. That's the 499x800 verison, Mog...thanks for posting it, and I'll try to vectorize it and see what happens. Rob
  11. That's what I was going to do next, as it looks like an official USG publication/blueprint. Rob
  12. Thanks, Gunter. I did some more searching for it, and found a link to a 499 x 800 size of the image, but apparently it belonged to someone's Photobucket account in the Netherlands, and is no longer available (or, is password protected). I'll keep digging to see what I can find. Rob
  13. Whew, Gunter...that's a small image! I tried to render it into a vector, but the resolution is too poor because of it's size, and it comes out as a grey blob. Do you have the link to the original image, website, or the exact Google search terms you used? Rob
  14. Same here...I can convert it when I get home, too. Rob
  15. Nice one. If I can find the time later, I may replicate this in CAD, and share it here. Rob
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