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  1. Reviving this old thread, with the hope of getting some more info on using VFD's with clicker presses. From what I can tell most of clicker presses (modern types) that use a 3phase power to run the motor run the electronic control portions of the clicker on single phase power. The 3 phase power is run through a transformer with converts to single phase for the controls. Does the VFD output have any detrimental/problematic effects on the single phase electronics of the machine?
  2. I'm sure the VFD will run the motor just fine, where I'm more fuzzy on this whole situation is the electronic controls. As I understand it (looking at some wiring diagrams) the electronics in the machines are run on single phase power converted from three phase in a transformer. What I'm wondering is if the frequency from the VFD is not correct will it mess up (fry) all the controls?
  3. I'm looking at machines on the used market and will do the conversion, whatever it may be, myself.
  4. Looking for a bit of advice. I'm in the market to upgrade my clicker to a larger machine, something around 25tons. Everything I've seen in these larger machines are 3 phase, which I don't have in my shop. I know the traditional method of doing a conversion would be to use a Rotary phase converter, however I'm under the impression that some people are using VFDs(variable frequency drives). Is anyone here using a VFD on a 3 phase clicker? My biggest question is in regards to the electronics potentiometers etc in the clickers that tend to run on 110 and can go a bit awry with some conversions.
  5. Thank you. I've emailed Hightex so we'll see what they say.
  6. It's a real bummer, I was just finalizing some details to get a custom made one from them but looks like I'm out of luck for now.
  7. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone knows of supplier for a synchronized binding attachment for an Adler 205-370. I have been talking with Kwok Hing in Hong Kong about ordering one but it seems they have gone into a partial shutdown due to the corona virus outbreak and are no longer responding to me. Any suppliers in North America or Europe that might have/make these?
  8. Question for you Uwe. On the KH kit is it possible to replace the actual folder with different size/fold options? Specifically wondering if I could replace the folder with a single fold raw edge option? I can't quite tell but it looks like the folder bolts onto the assembly that then screws onto the synchronized plate, am I correct?
  9. That would be a bit far! They are indeed awesome machines. I have 3 other kwikprints in my shop, a model 55, 64; and 86.
  10. This is a kwikprint model 64 machine for hot stamping, gold foil stamping, debossing and other printing. Fully functional with a sliding print table and height adjustable print head. The large curved base allows for stamping on large bulky objects. The model 64 was specifically marketed for stamping on luggage. The machine is heavy and will need to be picked up. It can be disassembled for easier transport but must be picked up locally. located in Ottawa, Ontario. Asking $850 CDN
  11. Very interesting. Do you flip the bag to apply the stiffener or just put it in as is? Thanks again for sharing. Will
  12. Very nice, also a good tip on the tension disc front, never thought of that. Any pics of the gusset area stiffener you used?
  13. Thank you, very informative! I hadn't really considered how pliable that leather might be before the lining is added. Also those Robin Machines are rather interesting. I've managed to do this style seam before with my patcher but as you mention the stitching quality/consistency really isn't there and I abandoned the idea. I recently added a narrow 17" post bed to my shop, so maybe I should give that a shot too with a more pliable leather. To confirm, you are sewing this black bag entirely on a cylinder bed?
  14. Maybe I’m missing something here. So this bag is made essentially of three pieces the front the back and the one piece sides and bottom. I can see how you could sew the front to the bottom sides. Once that’s done though it seems impossible to repeat the operation sewing the back face on in the same manner.
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