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  1. I finished my cowboy rig. It was a pattern package from Tandy and originally done by Will Ghromley for the movie 3:10 to Yuma. I posted a picture of the holster here some time ago and now it is all done. I hope I have not posted this picture before. Age has taken a toll on my memory. Anyway I hope everyone enjoys it and let me know what you think of it. Larry
  2. I'm sorry camano ridge, i didn't make it clear what I'm trying to do. I want the velcro to be on the loop that will go around my belt. Thanks for helping me. Larry
  3. I want to make a holster and use Velcro as the fastener for the flap. How to I attach the two pieces? Thanks, Larry
  4. Thanks , camano ridge, I looked at one site and the minimum order was 1,000. I am a hobbyist and would never use that amount. I'll get ten or so from bluegunstore.com. Thanks again for some good photos and the leads for the parts. One question, what is the name of the item at the top of the metal spring piece? Can I get it also at bluegunstore? I just need to know what it is called and I'll order some. Larry
  5. r t warren, this is my first thumb break holster. Would you please give me the steps on how I should go about using the hose clamp. Left hand holster, where does the stiff part go. I don't have a thumb break holster to look and or I think I could figure it out. Thanks, Larry
  6. Billy Hell, that holster is too beautiful to be going through fences and brush and whatever. You really have the carving down. I'm very impressed. In my opinion it is easy to tell when someone has mastered carving. That is by the knife work used for accents. Very nicely done. I'm sure your brother will treasure that holster. If you get a chance, take a look at my "Hand of God" rig on this Show Off forum. And Stu, thank you for the kind words. Larry
  7. Very nice work there Billy Hell. Here is one that I did years ago when I was just starting leatherwork. I took a photo of the Tom Threepersons original holster made for the .38 special. I then traced the carving and printed it out and put it on tracing paper. I then copied that to the leather. It is very close to the original that was made by S.D. Myers Saddlery in El Paso Texas around 1920.
  8. Thanks, Wild Bill, for the nice things you said about my cowboy rig. I live out in the country about 15 miles south of Albany, between Baconton and Sales City. You sure live in a beautiful part of Georgia, especially now with the leaves changing. Judging by your name, Wild Bill46, I assume you are two years younger than me. I was born in '44. Larry
  9. Finally finished my version of Will Ghromley's 3:10 to Yuma "Hand of God" rig. I made it for my grandson who plans to enter the military soon. I got the pattern from Tandy and it is for an exact replica of the rig that Russell Crowe wore in the movie. I do not have the skills that Will has so I had to make it the best way I could. The carving on the holster is very close and the tooling on the belt is like the original. Thanks everyone for letting me share something I am very proud of. Larry
  10. Thanks, JL, I kinda figured that, but wanted to know for sure. Larry
  11. Just bought a bone folder from Tandy. It has groves on the semi circle at the top. What are these used for? Thanks everyone, Larry
  12. Sorry guys, still not real savvy with the upload. Anyway, hopefully here it is.
  13. Here is my latest project. I'm fairly new to the craft and still learning. Let me know what you think. Larry
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