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  1. Dwight, I appreciate the info and especially the pictures. I was trying to do a form in nearly the same way but dimensionally it is tall and narrow. I can't get enough stretch at the bottom to avoid a bunch of puckery bunching in the corners (oh man, that sounds funny!). If I do manage to flatten it out, then it won't stretch enough to actually clamp the 2 halves all the way together. I've also managed to break 2 forms so far while trying to clamp it together. A good woodworker I am not. I'm having a tough time explaining it exactly but I imagine you understand what I mean from similar experiences. Chief, I hate to do it, but you could be right on turning down the job. My last effort was reaching out to the voices of experience for some more ideas before calling it quits. I'm sure his idea is possible but I haven't really done much in the pouch area. I found my niche in holsters and I've kinda stuck there. Lobo and plinker, I wish I could tell you it was some punk kid and I'd be more inclined to turn down someone like that. This guy is former marine/navy (yes, he re-enlisted), retired police officer, front-line on 9/11, and recent cancer survivor. Hell of an interesting guy, but also very picky. He's been buying a lot of stuff recently. Not sure if it's a vendetta or if he got a big chunk of money from the government for the cancer since it was caused by breathing in all the crap in the air during the 9/11 attack. I would assume the pouches are for the range but I really don't know and I'll take plausible deniability, thank you very much. I tend to focus more on the customers design requests rather than focusing on the why. Sometimes weird requests can pay very well and as long as I an't breaking the law, I'll give it a go.
  2. I did a few holsters for a guy and he asked me for a rather unusual request, at least in my opinion. He wants to carry 12 mags for a 1911. Yes, I said twelve. He was thinking of 2 pouches, each holding 6, divided in the middle, with a flap for each side. This sounds pretty easy, and maybe it is but I can't seem to wrap my head around the best way to go about it. I don't have 12 mags sitting around so I made a wooden form that is just slightly bigger than 3 mags side by side. My first attempt consisted of 1 panel bent on the ends to form the front & sides. Then a long second panel, to form the flaps, back, & bottom. This panel was sewn to the other with a bend to form the bottom. A divider was sewn into the middle. It looks like garbage. My second attempt was to wet mold the 2 halves then stitch them together in the middle. I'm using leather in about the 6-7oz range and I couldn't get it to stretch enough at the bottom, leaving a lot of ugly wrinkles and overlaps. One side didn't mold right because I couldn't force the leather around the bottom enough to make it flatten out so now it's not deep enough to put the wood form in. I can't afford to keep wasting leather on attempt after attempt until I get it right. Any advice on the best way to go about this?
  3. So I got her home. Checked the casting over and no noticeable cracks that I could find. There are 2 stress cracks on the bushing that goes through the pulley but I don't think they will affect it at all. The shaft broke off pretty clean. As I thought, it's cast and where it broke was hollow. He had tried to tap it so that he could just run a bolt through to fix it. You guessed it, tap broke off. I gave it a spin from the bottom shaft and everything appeared to work smooth, no binding or noticeable noises. He gave me the story behind it too. He bought it to make a boat cover. Took it into the local shop and had them completely go over it. When he brought it home, he had the head strapped to the table. At the bottom of the stairs, the buckle let loose on the strap and the head crashed to the floor, breaking the shaft. He tried tapping it then gave up afterwards because he didn't want to spend any more on it. It sat in the basement of his split level ranch for quite a while. He has since sold the boat and needed the room for a cider press, which is why he was getting rid of it. Haven't taken any pictures of it yet but will try to get a few soon.
  4. Thanks Greg. So far, I've found the part ranging from about $130 up to right around your quoted price. Still a lot cheaper than the $800 heads I've seen online. I was told it was working well before the drop. Owner is an older gentleman that is offering it up before scrapping it, hoping someone can save it or use the parts or repair. He doesn't seem to have any motivation to lie about the condition, especially for a measly $50. Still, I'll be sure to look it over well when I get there tonight. Is there any kind of rebuild guide out there for these things? The sales/repair shop that it originally came from is local so I'll probably give them a call before digging into it, just to see what they have to say.
  5. I am going out this evening to pick up a Pfaff 145 H4 that has some damage but the price is an absolute steal at $50. It looks like the main shaft that attaches to the pulley (arm shaft) was snapped when the owner dropped the machine. From the pictures it looks like a fairly clean break, must be a cast shaft. This appears to be the only damage and I know replacement shafts are available. If I am reading the parts books right, it looks like part# 9-010 002-05. Could one of our resident Pfaff experts chime in to let me know how much a new shaft would be? Maybe one of you have a parts machine sitting around? Also, I'm mechanically inclined so not scared of doing the work but what am I getting myself into? I'm sure I'll need to have a shop look it over afterwards too. I just can't pass up this deal, the table and motor alone are worth more than the asking price! Thanks in advance, Ed
  6. Looking to expand my selection of blues and wondering what everyone is selling the most of these days? I've seen a few posts like this in the past but some fresh data would be nice.
  7. These are all fantastic! Not only is your tooling great, your use of dyes and acrylics is on point as well. I'd be happy to carry any one of these pieces. Thanks for sharing, can't wait to see what comes next.
  8. I love this idea! Sort of an easy bake holster oven, lol. I just so happen to have a cabinet sitting in the basement that I'm not using.
  9. What I can see I like but the pics are really dark
  10. I keep it rolled the same as cg. I have pets and kids though so laying it out on the floor in a big no no unless I want it covered in dog/cat hair and misc who knows what.
  11. Mine tend to be stored rolled up just because I don't have a huge area to store things. It makes it a pain when trying to cut something out because it keeps trying to go back to a rolled state.
  12. I like that design too. I'm usually not big on floral but when you add a sugar skull in the mix it all comes together beautifully.
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