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  1. Being new to leatherwork and not knowing anyone locally that can teach me how to's in person, I am depending a lot on books to learn techniques. I have been keeping what I do simple and depending on kits, so I haven't done much as far as carving goes. I bought the book by Al Stohlman "Pictorial Carving Finesse." I am trying to use it to learn how to carve a simple waterfall with the water spray on the rocks. I'm having a difficult time trying to figure out how to do both. I'm wondering if there is a tutorial on this or if someone could do one. I like the book, but some of it is just a bit difficult to understand. I appreciate the help and thanks. Jim
  2. stampz2

    Hair Blade

    Thanks for the help. I live quite a ways from a place with any kind of craft or Tandy store, but that's ok because I can get one online. I guess I do some online shopping. Have a good day. Jim
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    Hair Blade

    Hello everyone, My mother-in-law gave me the book "Australian Leather Carving" by Peter Main. Looks like I'll be busy for a long time. One of the flowers he makes in the book uses a hair blade. Can someone tell me what a hair blade is. Are they used very much or is there a substitiute for one, or can you make one? The flower looks fairly easy to carve so I was hoping I could get by with a substitute. Thanks to all for your help. Merry Christmas Jim
  4. Hi all, I joined this forum a while back but never did a post before. My name is Jim and as I stated in my topic title am from the western part of the U. S. A. I am also fairly new to leathercrafting. Most (make that all) of what I've done have been premade leather kits. No carving yet, but want to learn how. From what I've seen, there's a lot that I can learn. I can't wait to start. Have a good day everyone, Jim
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