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  1. Hi I am a person that can do edges like what peter was doing. I make and sell a burnisher that can be used on a dremel tool that can get edges lie this. I have had Bob Park use my tools and does like the effect it can get. Go to my website and look at the short video that I have there demostrating the use of my tool. www.leathertools4u.com. as for the wax, I use paraffin wax. I also use sand paper to get my edge smooth.
  2. Mijo, I have been trying to figure out how to make a dremel size burnisher made with canvas. I have thought long and hard for a couple of months . once I have done my show in sheridan I will be able to spend more time on it. I will let you know when I do get it made. Gary
  3. I do make one like that. It is the cone shaped burnisher in the set. I do sell it on my website as a stand alone item as all of the other items.I sell it for 19.99 + 2.99 shipping checkout my web site www.leathertools4u.com
  4. Hi everyone. been awhile. Been busy making burnishers for tradeshows so I have not been able to post for awhile. I make busnishers for leatherworkers. I make them to fit into a dremel or for drill presses and bench grinders. I try to cover all the bases and am always coming up with new tools. I make these here in Santa Fe New Mexico where I live. Since I am a one man operation I can only make so many to sell but do keep up. Here is a description of them The first set is a 5 piece set made for a dremel tool . It has a 1/8" shaft made to fit standard collets in a dremel or rotary tool. I have made 4 burnishers and a stand for this set.this is what is in the set. 1) 1/2" cove burnisher 2) 1/4" cove burnisher 3) 1/8" cove burnisher 4) cone burnisher 5) hardwood stand Cove burnishers are made to handle leather from 2 oz to 10 oz with eze. The cone burnishers was developed to get into those tight places and belt slots and filgree work. The second picture shows the drill press and bench grinder burnishers. The drill press burnisher has 4 grooves from 1/2" to 1/8" and a nipple on the end. it is 6" total length. The bench grinder burnisher is 1 3/4" X 1 3/4" and also has 4 grooves ranging from 1/2" to 1/8" All of the tools are made from cocobolo. Dalgerbia Retusa. comes from Central America. Coveted by leatherworkers because of it's durability and natural beauty Also for it's natural oils in the wood. The price for the 5 pc. set is 64.99 + 5.99 for shipping world wide. I ship first class mail and first class mail international. it totals 70.98 for the set The drill press burnishers and the bench grinder sells for 49.99 + 5.99 shipping . For a total of 55.98 anywhere in the worrld. Please visit my website for more items That I make. I can invoice you from paypal. or you can order from my website or call me (505)690-5929 I do accept all major credit cards and can take orders over the phone.
  5. Does anyone on here livin in Denver? I just moved here yesterday and have no clue as to where any leather shop is and need someone to show me around a little contact me at 505-690-5929 Gary

    1. mlapaglia


      sent you email and pm

  6. Looking for Christmas prestent for a leather worker? Look no futher. This is a set of burnishers that i have developed for a dremel type of rotary tool that can handle a 1/8" shaft.There are 4 burnishers and a stand that makes up this set. I use any hardwood i can find for the stands . I am using Alder for the time being. The buenishers are made out of ccbolo. considered one of the most beautiful woods in the world. It is loved by leatherworkers because of the natural oils in the wood. I made these tools because I know how much trouble it is to burnish the edge of a leather project. These burnishers can make the job easy and fun to do. The burnishers are made to doa certain job and here is a description of what they can do. 1) Single groove burnisher that can do leather from 3 oz to 11 oz. 2) Double groove burnisher that can do leather from 2 0z to 6 oz 3) Flat faced burnisher for doing wide areas like the welt on gunrigs or skirts on saddles 4) Cone shaped burnisher that is great for getting into tight spaces and filegree work 5) Stand made to hold all of the burnishers. I have these sets in some stores here in the USA and retail for $64.99 I can put 4 letters on the stand if you want. You need to contact me for the letters. They are branded into the leather with mini branding irons that I have If you want a set please contact me at leatherman1457@aol.com
  7. buzz I sent the tools out today. let me know when you get them. Gary

  8. I am looking fopr a source for anteater. Does anyone know a source? If so please contact me and let me know. thank you. Gary
  9. Lui, I hd a great time and was honored to meet you. will try to get to nashville. if so will see you there

  10. I am witing to request an ad be removed from your site fo " tools for sale." I had been selling to members at a much discounted price a set of burnishers and am about to embark on selling to wholesale to stores only. I have made a deal with the stores That if I do sell them to the public it can only be retail which is only fair to them. I need to have to ad removed becuase even today I am still getting request for the tools and I am afraid that the stores will see this ad and not order any from me . so if you could please remove the ad place by leatherman1457 for a "7 Pc Cocobolo burnishing set for 30.00 it would be a great help to me. I will place a new ad for the tools redirecting them to my website where I have them at retail price. thank you Gary Lyon Name: Gary Lyon UserName: leatherman1457 IP Address: Email Address: leatherman1457@aol.com
  11. Randy Did I get to meet you at the show. I was one of the venders selling burnishers for the dremel tools.Here is a picture of them to help you see what I am talking about. It was a great show and had a blast there. entered three pieces in the open division and one 2 first places and a second place. Ate some great food and l;istened to great music. It was overall a very postive experiance. Hope to do it again soon. Gary Lyon
  12. Pictures of the 2011 IFoLG Albuquerque show in the special event and classes under leather tannage

  13. Show was a blast , so many good people there, so many talented artist. so much to see and so much to do. It was fun. here are some pictures of the show please enjoy
  14. David i will post some but where should I post them at?

  15. This is the piece that I won the first place for. it is a mirror hatrack. the small cross was also a first place winner in the molded division and the cross mirror was the second place winner. all people that competed in my book was all winners . it was a great show and wish you all had been there.
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