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  1. a lot of you who make for bikers also ride , so has anyone got experience with leather bib overalls in specific ones from Stone Lake Leatherworks , I do leather work but not on big garments , so why reinvent the wheel. if you know about there products please reply. I want American made quality .not interested in off shore, maybe one of you makes bibs let me know. thanks
  2. what sewing machines are the best for general leather work I have a 29k and its good but small bobin . always runs out of thread at the wrong time . i seek the eperience and knowledge of all you folks who can point me in the right direction. i like treadle machines but modern electric would be great to.
  3. I was reading a tut. on floggers and it was mentioned that an adult section exists how do i find it? Name: alberta UserName: alberta IP Address: Email Address:
  4. alberta

    Covering handles for crops and other items

    thanks so much for the excellent tut. made one turned out great ,but only because of your help and generous sharing of info.
  5. alberta

    How To Start 4 Strain Round Braid On A Key Ring

    thank you for the help it is much appreciated
  6. new to braiding , can anyone help with how to start a 4 strain round braid (no core) on a key ring , got the braid down pat but can't get of to a nice clean start
  7. alberta

    exstension table for 29k

    thanks terry for the great pictures they are very helpful
  8. I would like to build a extension table for my recently purhased 29 k 62 .does anyone out there have a drawing or good pictures that i could refer to ?
  9. what is the best thread size to use on a 29k62 and what is the heaviest thread this machine can run .
  10. Im new to sewing leather with a machine and recently purchased a 29k62 .whats the best way to finish the stitching at the begining and end .