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  1. I am interested in these patterns. thecountrybuilder at gmail.com
  2. Nice work!!! That would be a great patten to share. Sure would be much appreciated. I have and SOG multitool that I would like to make a case for.
  3. wvcraftsman

    Restored Sulky

    That is fantastic impulse!!! I've restored a few horse drawn wagons/buggies, but nothing like that. WOW. Where did you learn to upholster? That looks fantastic.
  4. I've kept an eye on this thread, because I have similiar questions as Art. Is there other information available? Needle size? Style?
  5. I've never tried it, but been wanting to. It might be worth a shot to call Weaver's and see if they have any suggestions or tips.
  6. Same here Randy, its been a while since I've been on here. I'm curious how you attached the embroidered velvet piece to the leather. Nice job!
  7. My last few orders have been from Springfield. I completely agree with the OP, very friendly staff. They will get most if not all of my orders from now on.
  8. I believe Sythetic thread was bought by American and Efird. I think A&E has thread that size and Coats may have it too.
  9. Those are fantastic!! If you decide not to leatherwork any more, your also a natural at photography! I would like to see more of the sling and the other belt.
  10. Looks great!! I hope to one day try a saddle, but until then, I will enjoy looking at the ones made on here.
  11. Nice job MadMax. I was looking forward to seeing it finished. It looks great.
  12. Good find. How about some pictures of the rifle sling your working on? It looks like a nice one too.
  13. Lui, I was wondering how well the acrylic paint holds up to daily use.
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