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  1. wvcraftsman

    The Bind Backpack Pattern

    Very nice! Thanks for the pattern.
  2. Very nice! I really like the texture you added.
  3. wvcraftsman

    Free Patterns - Bags Purses And Hats

    I am interested in these patterns. thecountrybuilder at gmail.com
  4. Nice work!!! That would be a great patten to share. Sure would be much appreciated. I have and SOG multitool that I would like to make a case for.
  5. wvcraftsman

    Restored Sulky

    That is fantastic impulse!!! I've restored a few horse drawn wagons/buggies, but nothing like that. WOW. Where did you learn to upholster? That looks fantastic.
  6. I've kept an eye on this thread, because I have similiar questions as Art. Is there other information available? Needle size? Style?
  7. I've never tried it, but been wanting to. It might be worth a shot to call Weaver's and see if they have any suggestions or tips.
  8. wvcraftsman

    Masonic Apron Case

    Same here Randy, its been a while since I've been on here. I'm curious how you attached the embroidered velvet piece to the leather. Nice job!
  9. wvcraftsman

    Springfield Leather

    My last few orders have been from Springfield. I completely agree with the OP, very friendly staff. They will get most if not all of my orders from now on.
  10. wvcraftsman

    Is Synthetic Thread Company Still In Business?

    I believe Sythetic thread was bought by American and Efird. I think A&E has thread that size and Coats may have it too.
  11. wvcraftsman

    Hunting Stuff

    Those are fantastic!! If you decide not to leatherwork any more, your also a natural at photography! I would like to see more of the sling and the other belt.
  12. wvcraftsman

    2Nd Saddle Finished

    Looks great!! I hope to one day try a saddle, but until then, I will enjoy looking at the ones made on here.
  13. Nice job MadMax. I was looking forward to seeing it finished. It looks great.
  14. wvcraftsman

    My New Pounding Block

    Good find. How about some pictures of the rifle sling your working on? It looks like a nice one too.
  15. wvcraftsman

    Airbrushable Leather Dyes

    Lui, I was wondering how well the acrylic paint holds up to daily use.