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  1. Jazznow

    Video Ultra Slim Wallet

    Yeah ist really Long. I dient realize how Long it will be until it was top late. Next Videos will be Shorter :)
  2. Jazznow

    Video Ultra Slim Wallet

    Hi everybody, I'm not sure where to put this. So i just post it here. I did an Ultra slim wallet (two Card Slots and a place for paper cash) and made a Video while making it. The language is german but the Pictures should be self explanatory. So Maybe somebody likes it. Here is the link: I'll attach a pic for those of you, who dont want to watch the vid
  3. Jazznow

    Dieselpunk backpack with skull and scrolls

    thanks guy. im glad im back in leatherworking. had a Long break (About 2.5 years) because of being busy with main Job. but im dedicated to get back into it.
  4. Jazznow

    Dieselpunk backpack with skull and scrolls

    Thanks all @DJole they are treated with tokonole (used it first time) I think it will make it a little water resistant @rleather yep it's fiebings oxblood, shaded with black
  5. had my try on the backpack pattern from dieselpunk. wanted to get out of my comfort Zone with handsewing, skull and floral scroll Carving. usually dont do that stuff. Ist not perfect but i love it somehow. any tipps would be appreciated
  6. Looks nice, ist that a fabric liner? How do you deal with it at the open edege inte middel? Could u make close ups?
  7. Jazznow

    Looking for Cowboy Outlaw reviews

    thanks for the replies so far. I wont use it often enough to justify spending more Money on an Electric machine and making my Tiny Workspace even more cramped. Its a not a Question if i Need this one or an Electric. IF i get a machine, ill get this Tiny Thing thatll just be bolted on a Corner of my workbench. but i only get it, if someone can assure me, that it will sew 2.5mm vegtan too. if it doesnt ill just stick to handstitching or avoid stitching by using my stitchless bag designs.
  8. Jazznow

    Looking for Cowboy Outlaw reviews

    yeah im gonna stitch 2.5 up to 10 mm vegtan. for thinner material i have another machine. If it does not stitch 2.5mm proper it's the wrong machine for me, and I'd like to know that before buying. I was Looking into this because it does not Need much space. Space is very limited and i just cant make room for another big sewing machine table. It mayy not be the most efficient way, but more efficient than handstitching.
  9. Jazznow

    Looking for Cowboy Outlaw reviews

    did someone already buy this machine and has some Reviews. Love the product Videos on YouTube but i would like to have a Independent review.
  10. Hi i consider buying this machine but have a few Questions. Will the machine sew thinner materials too (i.e. 2-2.5mm) in a proper way or does it need complicated adjustment for that or is it made for thicker material only? if changing thread size, is adjustmend of Needle and Tension enough or more complicated? What threads are possible? The description of the machine i consider buying is operated with a size 10 Thread.
  11. Hi everybody, Im currently thinking About Little Projects (20-30 minutes completly) to practice my sewing skills. I hate just sewing straight and curved lines on a patch of leather. I want to make something. Maybe im not the only one and we can collect and share Ideas. Important: add leather thickness, so we can see, if ist suitable for our machines (for example: i have a pfaff 901 post machine, it will sew 2 or Maybe 3mm of softer leather but not vegtan) what i imagine is a Format like that: What: Little Coin Purse with key ring leather thickness: 1,5mm Description: a triangular coin purse with folded edges and a Strip of leather at the Bottom to install a key ring Pics/Pattern: will add later
  12. Jazznow

    Hello again

    Hi everybody, id like to introduce myself once more. i have been inactive for several years now, so i guess, nobody knows me anymore Im Jonathan, 34 from Germany. I started Leatherwork 10 Years ago (more or less), when i was at the University. At the end of my studies, i decided that i dont want to become a teacher but make something with leather. So i started an apprenticeship as a orthopaedic shoemaker. I kept making bags and belts an stuff in my freetime, but that stopped when preparation for my master craftsman Degree (itss an official Degree here in Germany) started. I just recently started again doing bag and stuff and want to Keep that going now. Ill add some Pictures of the last two Projects i did. One is a massenger bag i started 3 Years ago. It was tooled and partly dyed and then i stopped leatherwork. Just finished it at Christmas Holiday. The other is a backpack made from a bought pattern. I just wanted to test se pattern so i used the shittiest leather i had. My gf liked it, so she kept it Greetings Jonathan
  13. Hey fellas, im Looking for another leatherworker who has a drawing of a swivel knife crossed with another tool (don't remember which tool) as a logo .does anybody remember this guy?

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    2. Johanna


      SteveB in New York

    3. ramblinrovers


      Grey Drakkon, I was going to suggest that but I thought, we have 56,306 members... :D

    4. TexasLady


      Hi jazznow. I'm dogged enough to have tried to help you look for it, BUT then I remembered,...people change their avatars!

  14. Jazznow

    Classic English Briefcase

    Yes You can. Write them an Email and ask for a price list and how to Pay your order. I doubt they accept paypal or credit cards. If you order from them, take the first grade stuff. It costs a bit more, but the leather is really good (in my opinion)
  15. Just my opinion on this discussion if glueing of sole (leather or rubber) will affect breathability or not. This discussion is common among shoe aficionados who have (to be honest) little to no knowledge of leather, it's production and it's properties. They have a vague imagination, that leather is able to breath and suspect anything that is not leather is not good. In fact, leather is soaking and storing sweat. Veg tanned leather can take as much as 2,5 times of its own weight in water/sweat. So a thick insole can take more moisture than you will probably sweat all day. It won't need to penetrate the insole to get to the outsole. Brewerkel already mentioned that this wouldn't be good too. Which is way more important to the live of your shoes is that you give them the necessary brakes to let the moisture vanish from the leather after wearing them. That means after a workday of wearing your shoes, let them rest for the following day. Best wishes Jonathan