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  1. I am in need of some very basic straps made for me. I simply need a finished strap with billets (holes) on both ends in 1/2" width and 3/8" width and in lengths that will vary from 27.5 inches long to 32 inches. VERY simple! I need them made from high quality English Bridle Leather most likely from Wickett and Craig. I don't have the time to do them myself and even though I do have an Amish harness maker that can do them for me, I would like to have a little bit better finish on them, if possible. Plus being able to communicate via email and phone would be nice as well. Someone who is familiar with making English Bridlework would be IDEAL! This only one of SEVERAL jobs that I need done and I would love to establish a working relationship with someone to do more work for me in the future. I also know that I could job this out overseas but I an not interested in waiting several months for such a simple job. I have detailed patterns for the straps which i will send to interested parties so that they can give me an exact quote. Please PM me if you are interest. Thanks so much!
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