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  1. I think the 8-track got killed in there somewhere too...
  2. If your talking about buckles for gun-belts, I prefer the nickel plated roller buckles that tandy sells. They're a buck or two depending on size.
  3. Just checked out your website and I think your shields are awesome!

  4. First up on my second round of holsters is a Buscadero type holster. It's sort of a work in progress as I keep modifying it and it may eventually get used. Next up is a buscadero holster and a small crossdraw holster on a single drop loop belt. These were my first lined holsters. The whole rig was made from a water spotted piece I picked up off a clearance table. Next up is my first attempt at a pancake holster. It is also a lined holster and is my first attempt at molding. I remembered reading about watching where your fingernails go after I gouged it.
  5. I've been pretty much a lurker since I registered and I would like to thank everyone on this site for sharing their knowledge. I thought it was finally time to share some of my projects. This is my first holster, a simple Mexican double loop in 7/8 scale, made from two pieces of leather. Here are my next two holsters along with the first, all in 7/8 scale.
  6. Hint- Middle School Library

  7. Okay, gimme a clue...have we met?

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