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  1. Thank you everyone!!!! I spent about 2 hours researching sizes and prices the other day...then As luck would have it I was able to manifest a free one. 1/2" X 2ft X 8ft........I was so excited! All I need to do is chop of 2 feet from the end. Thank you so much. I really enjoy making them.
  2. Thank you, I have been researching HDPE from small parts. What thickness is your board? I make leather masks, headbands and wristbands.
  3. What is the best cutting board or surface to use when cutting out leather?
  4. can you tell me what i need to know or what books i should look for to make a corset

  5. Celtic Maiden

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    Other leather work.
  6. Those look really great. I never would have thought to do that to a headboard & footboard.
  7. I am in. I just sent you an email to get your address. Will pop one in the mail ASAP.
  8. I don't even own a swivel knife, LOL. I do all mine with exacto blades and other things lying about. I love to work with the leather though, I guess I am way old school, cuz I also us some stones to do my work. I love your journal.
  9. I really that the Yin/yang, I have been wanting to learn how to do these journals. Any insight you can give me?
  10. I totally agree. I need to get a pair of those for my hubby. He dresses as a pirate for Ren faire, but his are plain black. Kinda boring.
  11. I really like that. Note to self....learn how to carve leather.
  12. I love that. Are you gonna do any coloring to it?
  13. Sweet, I never thought about those. I wonder if I should cover my pattern cutting table for general sewing with that too.
  14. Storm, where do you get your sealers?
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