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  1. Main thing is to get the hide fleshed good the as soon as it dries cut it up and split any leftover slime off the back.
  2. Local slaughter houses for good quality.
  3. I do cut all my own materials and my wife processes the hide, 32 this season but now it's to cold. I usually use a core but sometimes do a square braid.
  4. I do have a market, I'm about a year and a half out on orders.
  5. If you have an Osborne 86 the best and easiest sharpener is a Roll-A-Sharp made by Steve at Lacemaster.com.
  6. Long gone, sorry. Give Steve a call at lace master and he can fix u up.
  7. A headstall order for bit maker Kim Parkey. Kim made the buckles.
  8. Looking forward to the finish product.
  9. They are cut down the center of the back from behind the ear to the flank, along the belly about elbow high. I lime the horse hide.
  10. Nothing in particular Bruce just trying to get a little hide worked up for winter projects before the weather hits.
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