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  1. Well, obviously it is two ply where it goes around the bit ring Ooohhhh, Pete, you're just doing ONE bleed knot? That makes the whole thing two ply. I was envisioning a bleed knot at each snaffle ring. Then, there would be two ends hanging loose from each knot, I was thinking to join them together somehow.
  2. It's a ways to town, and I need a curb strap/bit hobble for a snaffle bit bridle. I have on hand a few replacement saddle strings, and I would like to use one (or part of one) to make the curb strap. I could use a bleed knot to make a very simple one, but that (in my head) ends up only one-ply. I don't have any hardware or sewing tools. Any ideas?
  3. Thanks for all of the great replies, guys. I don't need to grab with my knees, this is the most comfortable 'ergo' saddle I've ever ridden. Someone really knew how to make a seat to fit a person's pelvis in the 1940's, the longest ride this summer was 7 hours and my seat bones have yet to protest. (I also have a dandy Irish-handmade foxhunting saddle that's super comfy and secure, but the stirrups are really too short for all-day riding if you aren't jumping a lot.) Last years' riding (different horse) on a Billy Cook with a sheepskin seat-saver had my seat bones and knees really sore. I do still use the sheepskin, and I tend to ride in english breeches so the seam in my pants doesn't rub or bruise. (Unfortunately, I am the original princess from The Princess and the Pea.) I need some nice armitas to hide the fact that I'm not wearing 'real cowboy' jeans! The form-fitter swells are swell, too, when you're riding on a windy day and colty gets your husband's hat in his face. I had a good bruise on my upper thigh but didn't go off when the horse shied. The big swells are a bit restricting if you want to jump downed timber or whatnot, but all in all it's a great saddle. I've heard folks complain about the stirrup leather through the ring, but it doesn't seem to be bothering me any. I'll try to get a pic posted, but it might be a couple of days. So...my latigos (both sides, there's no half-breed or straight billet on the off side) are original and have no holes. So right now I have no choice but a big knot. Looks like I'll need to take the latigos off and find an alternative. Or maybe I could somehow tie the knot at the cinch? But a knot there would probably bump my ankles? Would attaching a new (holes punched) latigo to the cinch, then running it up through the rigging once and back down to the cinch buckle be any advantage? Or strong enough? (Sort of like how the half-breed attaches to the cinch, not the saddle rigging? But using a latigo would be one layer, whereas the half-breed is two layers thick. I don't know if I want to change the actual rigging on the saddle. It really fits the horse as-is. Also, I've noticed that horses ridden in today's typical Wade/ranch saddles that have a 7/8 flat-plate, dropped rigging tend to get a white spot where the saddle rigging/latigo meet, and to me that is not a good thing. So, my original question is whether I could somehow drop some kind of english-girth billets from the rigging I have. That way, the buckles are not under your leg period. (Look at a long-billets dressage saddle girthed on to a horse for a reference.) Also, about the armitas...I've tried chinks on, but the tooled leather patch on top (riding over the hipbone) bothers me. Pants that fit low across my hips bother me, would armitas be an advantage and do they ever make them to ride like 'high waist' jeans? I know the old-style ladies' Wranglers are really comfy, and they have a very high waist. (BTW, I am female and almost 40, and since a Crohn's-disease related peritonitis surgery I have no trouble maintaining my figure, though I seem to need a smaller pants-size about one a year. Maybe when I'm 65 I'll disappear altogether... I can't say that I'd recommend the gut surgery to maintain one's figure, but at least there's a bright side!)
  4. So, I know I have the right saddle for the horse...he's a TB with big high withers and very narrow. I bought an old George Lawrence form-fitter, and it's great- I can be in it for 5 or 6 hours without a sore backside, the horse doesn't get sore, and we can go up and down some pretty darn steep hills (sans breastcollar or crupper) and the saddle doesn't move, even if the cinch isn't really tight. The problem is, it has a 3/4 round ring rigging, and the stirrup leather goes right through the ring. The latigo knot is right under my knees, and it makes a pretty good lump. Since it fits so nicely in all other regards, I'm wondering if there's some good way to extend english-style billets down from the rigging ring, and attach a dressage-length girth.
  5. I checked, and they are the same width. Both stirrup leathers move fairly freely to lengthen/shorten the stirrups. So, I wouldn't have to take anything apart on the saddle to change the stirrup leathers?
  6. I have a newly purchased George Lawrence saddle in really good condition. I bought it to ride my very narrow Thoroughbred gelding in. The saddle fits him nicely and its seat is very comfortable, and the form-fitter/beartrap swells are fantastic when the horse spooks. (The spooks/spins/bucks are getting much better with regular work, but for now, or on a windy day, they're sure nice security.) I don't have my own picture of the saddle, but if you sign in to eBay you can find it here: http://cgi.ebay.com/...e=STRK:MEWAX:IT If that doesn't work, the item number is 220534765130. Anyway, I am thinking of selling the saddle at a later date. There is a similar saddle (same size tree, seat size) in non-original condition in a local shop. It is in sound condition but is nowhere near as pretty as the one I bought. So...if my husband wants to ride the horse, we have to change the stirrup leathers, which are laced. I could have Blevins buckles put on, but that would reduce the value of the saddle. My question is this: Could I simply replace the fenders/stirrup leathers with those from another good saddle that isn't being used right now? (I owuld save the original fenders/leathers to put back on if I sell the saddle.) And if so, is this something I could do myself? How? Thanks in advance.
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