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  1. Hey, sorry for the late reply. Which pattern do you mean? That of the skull or the bag as such?
  2. Hi! I am looking for someone who could custom create a leather accordian file clutch. This would be an exact replica of an accordian file you would find in an office supply section of the store (I have pictures of exactly what we are trying to recreate out of leather) with a purple velvet lining. Do you think you would be able to create something like that? I can send pics if you have an em...

  3. Really like your work!

  4. I really like your work and appreciate you showing it to us.

  5. Thanks for the comment :)Let me know if you are interested in my work :)

  6. Had fun looking through your gallery of photos. I like your work, and thought I'd say hi!

  7. zojjektum


    Thanks a lot for the answer, any feedback is welcome as I am new to this type of leathercraft
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