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  1. Thank you, it was fun to do.
  2. Hello, last week I restored/repaired an antique riding crop. It was the first time hat I was asked for, so I took a lot of pictures to remember how it was made. First the damaged parts The flap and the button with the braided loop The braided loop was a "mystery braid" I replaced the loop with a 4 strand braid, because my lace was slightly smaller The finished crop. The white stuff at the button is a bit of glue to secure the lace. Gesa
  3. Hi Dutch, I also buy leather at Kobel Tannery, if you are ever in Hamburg or north of it. Give them a call and you can pick your leather from their storage. They also show you around if you like. If you don't mind a few blemishes, ask for their " Untersortiment Blankleder Hälse" , sort of half shoulder piece. They are their cheapest leather and great for small projects. Suppliers: I never bought at these shops, yet expensive, but hight quality http://www.mehr-als-werkzeug.de/category/Leder--und-Papierwerkzeuge-3871_3822.htm;jsessionid=2003582E39BC85942CA489A2F3FE3633 http://www.sattlerbedarf-shop.de http://www.rickert-werkzeug.de/de/Leder-Lederwerkzeuge I buy here sometimes, because it is close to me. I prefer to look at the items I would like to buy http://www.kappey.de/ Gesa
  4. Here I found two pictures, that don't look too different to the working harness like in the picture from the web site of Guedelon. http://www.palm.be/en/er_stoeterij_t_verl.php For the health of the horses I would use the modern harness. It is important that it fits a working horse very well.
  5. Here is the link to the thread about workshops: http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=826 There you will find more ideas.....
  6. I have a bowling bag pattern pack from 1986 from Tandy that I would part with. It is only one basic pattern, with two (half) carving patterns: arcorn and roses. Tandy is not mentioned on the envelope. Here are not many people who would buy a leather bowling bag so I don't need it.
  7. Here is the page of Jeff Mosby, to look at the guitar covers and to see his prices. http://www.mosbyguitars.com/gcover.html It is the only one that I know of and I think his customers are willing to pay that much. ...and for the design: what kind of music do your customer play?
  8. Oh I wish I had known you were visiting as always as we say here in the west "Mi casa su casa" or "Mein Haus ist dein Haus"! I hope you liked Arizona and return again soon.

  9. gesa

    Thanks for the nice comment. If you like to have the pattern, write me a PM.

  10. Hello Tim, nice to "see" you again. Last year I have been on vacation in the USA. I fell in love with Arizona's red rocks, deep canyons and the desert. Now I need to earn plenty of money to see more of it. ;)

  11. I also bought a frog skin from Jerry at the IfolG show in Albuquerque. He has great knowledge of the skins he sells. His website http://vanamburgleathers.com/index.php -> click at wholesale leathers at the left under Links Gesa
  12. terix

    Love your eagle!

  13. I like the ceramic blade very much, but this one is an old one. I bought it on Ebay with a bunch of old stamping tools and liked it so much that I bought also a new one. But I use the new one not very often even after polishing and stopping, then I prefer the old steel blades.
  14. Here is my entry. It took more time to find the second tool than to carve the eagle head. It is not a unique idea, but I like a coarse background so I used a small awl . Gesa
  15. Hello Paedalus, the foot will move together with the bottom feeder to move the leather. It helps to sew several layers of leather. The text also says that the engine is old and propbably need to be replaced soon. I would buy the Claes, It looks well cared for. What do you want to sew with it? Gesa
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