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  1. I put the splitter on a back burner because I took it to a friends house to have it painted. I just got it back and still need a few photos of the bottom roller assembly to retrofit one on my machine. I need the roller diameter and any and all information about the assembly. I want to put this back together and working. LOL Thanks to all, Fred
  2. Trox and Bruce, Thanks for the replies! I would really like to see a photo of the bottom roller, if possible. The other question is this. What does the lever on the top do? I did not get one with my machine , and don't know if I need to make one, Dimensions would be nice to have also. Thanks for the help. Regards, Fred
  3. Hello, I won a Chase pattern LS a while ago on ebay and started cleaning it up. I had to put it on a backburner but would like to finish it and be able to use it. I made a new blade for it that is not heat treated yet. I used O1. I need photos or information about the bottom roller. My machine seems to be an older model that did not have a bottom roller. I would like to retrofit the roller. Is this roller fixed in place or is it adjustable for height? gringobill in Major Bummer-http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=36437&hl=+chase%20+pattern%20+leather%20+splitter#entry225399 poste a photo that shows what looks like a handle that extends out the back. There is also a small lever on the top that seems to be long enough to engage/affect the top roller. I would appreciate all advice and information that you can give me. My splitter is at a friends house right now, because he is going to paint it for me. Thanks for the help. Fred
  4. I spent 20 minutes yesterday speaking with Bruce Johnson about the splitter. I wanted to thank him here for his help and patience! I now have an idea of what I have and how it works. I have cleaned it in my electrolysis tank and will start painting it soon. I think that I am going to make a blade for it out of O1. Thanks again to Bruce for his help. Regards, Fred
  5. Hello, I bought a Chase pattern leather splitter on ebay. that has not arrived yet.I will have to strip it down and rebuild it, when it finally gets in my hands. I was hoping that someone has instructions on how to operate and set it up. Thanks for the help. Fred
  6. I ran across this site following a sharpening discussion -http://www.chefknivestogo.com/handamerican.html I am going to try some of their products as soon as I can order. Regards, Fred
  7. Hello, What is the USA equivelent of Gold Quality Laederedt conditioner that Brissa sells? I am using the information from a tutorial on making a stacked leather handle for a knife to make a handle for my new maul. The writer said that the nicest finish came with Laederfedt or a second choice Pecards dressing. I have Aussie, snow proof and mink oil at home. All suggestions happily accepted. Thanks, Fred
  8. While I am delighted in hearing of your gift. From another site that I frequent--THIS THREAD IS NO GOOD WITHOUT PHOTOS. Show us the tools and what you make with them!!! Make him proud. Best of luck. Fred
  9. Try calling Lui at this link. He has some blades , but I don't know if he has what you need.http://dleathersupply.com/index.html Fred
  10. TwinOaks, Thanks for the link. I will look at them right now. Fred
  11. TT, Welcome to Leatherworker! Thanks for the tip! I will try that. Fred
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