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  1. On a single piece of leather you’ll tuck tuck the ends in on the sides.
  2. That’s a mongral turn back if I’ve ever seen one. But I thin this is the one you’re looking for. Brian/
  3. I would seek out some custom cut kangaroo lace. Then do a 1 to 7 edge braid.
  4. Using that soft deer lace is not a good idea. If you're just starting out, try buying some lace from Tandy. When you're sure you want to stick with this craft, then invest into buying kangaroo lace either from y-knotlace.com, or purchase closer to your location. Kangaroo is going to be your best bet for knots and braiding.
  5. Tom or Mike just started his youtube channel. Really great videos that compliment his book as well. Tom Hall Braiding and Knots By Mike Hickey
  6. Use 1/8th with a 550 cord as the core. This should put you pretty darn close to 1/4 inch.
  7. All is dependent upon your string width. I don't know your string size that you're using now.
  8. Tom Hall Books are awesome. All are illustrated drawings. Can be purchased at Ubraidit....
  9. If you're on Facebook, get i touch with Mike Hickey. He's the author and will most likely help you out.
  10. KnotHead


    Okay. Lace can be ordered at Y-Knot Lace. Order the 1/8th lace. It's all kangaroo string. Order a book by Tom Hall named Introduction to Turks Heads. It can be ordered here Introduction to Turks Heads from U-Braid it... That should get you started.
  11. KnotHead


    Where do you live? USA or other?
  12. I trust you used the 5part 4bight TH to do this. So I will send you an enlargement process that is not of the same type of knot. But the technique is the same. Download the instructions from the link below. Yes its a good link. The pdf file is too large to upload here. Enlargement Tutorial PDF
  13. KnotHead

    Bolo Cord

    450 para-cord might do the job.
  14. KnotHead

    Bolo Cord

    How many strings do you plan to use?
  15. Tom Hall; Introduction to turks heads, More western tack tips. Located Here; http://ubraidit.com/supplies-thumbs.php?cat=68 Bruce Grant; Encyclopedia of Leather Braiding Located Here; http://ubraidit.com/supplies-detail.php?item=43 Ron Edwards; Advanced Leather Work Volume 2 Located Here; http://www.adelaideleather.com.au/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=88_89&products_id=6957&zenid=37238b05aaa5ed3dcb08f1f278828251
  16. Core is just another piece of leather strand. You'll be braiding around that with 8 more strings. Sequence is Under 2, Over 2.
  17. maybe about 30mins or so ahead. you should not have to do any removal because this will also condition the strings.
  18. VAQUERO RAWHIDE CREAM http://rayholesleathercare.com/pages/rawhide-clean-condition-protect
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    Lace Master

    That went fast... LOL
  20. no. it opens fine. it's just the image is too small for me to do either a search or reverse engineer for instructions.
  21. Hardtke Contact Info Peter Hardtke 214-238-3936 hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00PM Monday thru Friday. peter.hardtke@icloud.com
  22. too bad the image is not large enough.
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