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  1. Hi to all im looking for a pattern for a roper wallet ? And if i can please use it to make one for my own , Thanks
  2. Hi I didnet get the e-mail for the money clip wallet yet. Can you resend? thanks :Scott R
  3. the one i have seen when i was a kid . I think the horn and the seat is the lid of the purse. and the rest is the purse Scott R.
  4. that is so cool . Can you send me a pattern of your top hat . that would be awesome . thanks scott
  5. Is there anyone out there that has a old pattern of a saddle purse. My wife wants me to make her one . I want to suprise her with one. thanks again scott
  6. the money clip wallet . The kit was stoped in july of 09 . Can someone help me with a pattern . that would be great. thanks scott

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