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  1. I was good friends with John the Saddleman, he made lots of saddles. If you can pick on up you will not be disapointed
  2. I recently finished up a new chap pattern and uploaded it to my website. It can be found at http://cowboycraftsonline.com/chaps
  3. I would like everyone to go by and look at my pattern website that I created. It is http://www.cowboycraftsonline.com I just uploaded a new wallet pattern today it is at http://cowboycraftsonline.com/wallet-patterns like it on facebook and keep update with my post.
  4. Do you still have the Bill Gomer Videos on Saddle Making?


    Butch Pierson


  5. Glad to see the pictures, Again it is a great looking saddle. Ash
  6. jamorris Here is a list of what I have left. DVD Dale Harwood The Art of SaddleMaking 1 Set $300.00 VHS Jeremiah Watt Cowboy Crafts Set of 3 $100.00 Cowboy Engraving Cowboy Silversmithing Cowboy Bit and Spur Making Jeremiah Watt/Randy Rieman Four Strands of Rawhide 1 Set $65.00 Bruce Cheaney Bluing and Browning Video 1 $15.00 Bruce Cheaney How to make Folding Knives 1 $15.00 Bruce Cheaney How to make Hunting Knives 1 $15.00 Bruce Cheaney The Art of Spur Making Vol I 1 $25.00 Bruce Cheaney The Art of Spur Making Vol 2 1 $25.00 Bruce Cheaney The Art of Bit Making Vol 1 1 $25.00 Bruce Cheaney The Art of Bit Making Vol 2 1 $25.00 Bruce Cheaney Texas Style Engraving Silversmithing 1 $20.00 Bill Gomer Saddle Making Set of 2 $50.00 Diane Gadway/Richard Schnieder Making Horsehair Rope 1 $12.00
  7. Mark, I sent you a message with the information you were wanting. Ashley
  8. Steadbrook, I have sent you a message so I can get your information so I can send you a paypal invoice. Please reply to the message so I can get your email address. Ashley
  9. I posted them in the for sale section near the bottom of the forum. Then look for books and videos for sale.
  10. **Update** Jeremiah Watt The Art of Leather Carving and Layout Chan Geer Sheridan Style Flowers Chan Geer Drawing Sheridan Style Patterns Chan Geer Making a Sheridan Style Notebook Chan Geer Fancy Leather Lacing The above movies are Spoken For I am going through messages as I get them and giving the first person to contact me a chance to respond. Thank everyone for the interest in what I am selling.
  11. Jeremiah Watt The Art of SaddleMaking 1 Set $300.00 This DVD Spoken For
  12. Bryan Neubert Intro to Rawhide Braiding 1 $55.00 Bryan Neubert Advanced Rawhide Braiding 1 $35.00 Are both now spoken for.
  13. **Update** I have looked at Paypal and should be able to take payments through them if anyone does not want to pay by check or cash. I have not sent and invoice yet, but it looks like an easy process. Thanks
  14. I just posted alot of DVD's and VHS tape I have for Sale. Jeremiah Watt and Dale Harwood are in them.
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