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    just starting to work leather, much vision and desire
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    archer equipment (quivers, armguards, etc.), knife/axe sheaths, outdoor gear, saddlebags, and more...
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  1. Archer69

    Rune set

    Does anyone know how much a set of the stamps from Tandy would go for today?
  2. I'm thinking of trying to use RIT dyes for some custom color blends. I'm wondering what type of alcohol is used in alcohol based dyes? Would denatured alcohol found in a hardware store work? Would 190 proof grain alcohol work?
  3. BearG... Nice work. What did you use for the arrow gripper? What are the arrow shafts and their diameters? I've got a couple of similar ideas swimming around in my "mad creative scientist mind". Later Archer69
  4. I'm sketching out ideas for archery quivers, and have a couple of questions regarding determining strap length: 1) does anyone know of a good source of free plans located on the internet? 2) forthose of you who do make quivers, is there a standard length for the straps to go over the shoulder or around the waist, or is measuring a person the best plan? Thanks, in advance.
  5. I'm looking for Conway Buckles in dark black or matte finishes, not the standard shiny nickel or polished brass. Does anyone know of a source I can find these in small quantities? Thanks, in advance.
  6. My bad description. How did you secure the plug to the bottom of the quiver tube? Glue? I don't see any stitching or rivets.
  7. How did you secure the base to the tube?
  8. I'm wondering if there is a guild or leatherworkers in Maryland, specifically the Annapolis area but also looking in / at the Baltimore or DC areas. I'm looking at a possible move there and am doing some initial research. I do know there is a Tandy store in Baltimore. Thanks in advance.
  9. Does anyone know of classes in the NorthEast US, preferrably in New England, where beginner leahterworker can learn to repair and make Horse Tack? Eastern Tennessee may also be an option, because I have relatives there and cold drive to see them and take the classes at the same time. Or good books to read and learn from until I can get to classes? Thank you, in advance, Archer69
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