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  1. I have a brand new 1541S and was setting it up watching a video a (very helpful) I have no tension on my spring feed. I went ahead an finished setting it up. It sews fine but the bottom stitch looks odd. I am an experienced sewer with several leather machines. I don't want to mess with it until I hear from someone familiar with this machine, thank you .
  2. I recently purchased a Singer 241-2, I am a shoe/boot maker and I wanted to put a roller foot on it, which I did. I had no additional needles for it. I cleaned everything , the machine had been used extensively on materials and the owners were extremely heavy smokers and every thing had heavy sticky buildup on it. I for some reason loosened the needle shaft to clean and can' seem to get it back in the proper location. The needle is shorter than any of my other singer machines and I can't find any info. on the proper size needle for this machine. Any one that can help, I would greatly appreciate it !
  3. I need help finding a manual for a Sutton 296A chain stitcher or someone who can tell me how to set the timing of the whirler and needle. Thanks for any help you can give, Cobblerman
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