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  1. Thanx. I like making them. This is the latest I've made..
  2. I sand them even, bevel, dye, put a little water on and run it with my burnish wheel. Then I put some wax on and run it again. After that I use some canvas and rub it fast.
  3. Thanx all.. It's thanx to groups like this and facebook that I've learned this..
  4. I have just made a biker wallet for my self..Hope you like it, I do. Inside
  5. Howdy.. Have just made an Avenger holster with rattlesnake inlay. Hope you like it.
  6. I recomend T-nut and put them between the leather.. I use that way in my pattern pack.
  7. Howdy. I have made a pattern pack for an IWB holster that fits the 1911. I hade it publiced in the latest issue of "The leather crafters and saddlers jurnal". The pack includes pattern and a detailed tutorial of how to make the holster. Its $23.95+$11 in shipping (to the US), I only take PayPal. If you are interesed pls E-mail me at henrikbrandt1@hotmail.com.
  8. Houston, we have a problem...... I'm just about making a pancake holster and notis that something was wrong when I had cut the leather. It's an old pattern that I forgot to throw away and it doesn't line properly. . So if any of you got ot from me, , just throw it and wait for me to scan the new one.
  9. If you wanr the pattern an tutorial pls send a PM with your mail adress
  10. Howdy pards/pardettes It was avile then I posted something, most of my work ends up on Facebook. But now I will share my latest IWB holster. I have pattern and tutorial to but can't post it though its to big. I can mail it if someone is interested. Hope you like it. //Henrik
  11. You are welcome pards, hope you get use of it..
  12. Boothill Bob

    New Border

    Howdy.. I have just invented a new border that I want to share with you. Brian Harms just made an "How to video" of it.. I use to make mine with a closer space, but I like the one that Brian made, nice to larger work.
  13. Howdy pards.. No is the "quick and the dead" rig finiched. To bad Alan at chisholm trail dident has the repro buckle in stock, so I took one that was close. I hope she will like it.
  14. Thanx pards... It was fun making it, it was my second pancake.. Want to learn how to make flatback pancakes to.
  15. Howdy. I´ll just finiched a rig. Its a pancake, double mag pouch and a carry belt (1/4inch thick). The holster and the mag pouch is vacuum molded and the whole thing is air brushed. I hope you like it. I think I may sell it..
  16. Thanx.. I used a vacuum bag for storing clothes, the one you operate with a vacuum cleaner. Cheap and good ;-)
  17. Howdy. I have just finished my first pancake holster and used vacuum molding for the first time..Its two toned, natural and Saddle tan, I love my airbrush.. Hope you like it. If you see anyting that I can change then tell me. //BhB
  18. Thanx pards... mcn, I have developed that tooling, its nice on belts to.
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