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    Improving my skills both as a whip maker and leather worker. Would Love to meet Local leather workers and learn from them. I believe that many whip makers stop learning because they come to believe they are the only one who makes a whip the "right" way. I never want to stop learning and I am fairly new to whip making but loving it.

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  1. TrustCommunicationConsent

    Makeing Leather Round

    What is a rein rounder and where might I find one.
  2. TrustCommunicationConsent

    Home Made Bevellers

    I have seen them even tried making one but I have to change sizes to much to like them I finally found and baught one from Austriail that I now would not be without. it is hand held and perfect for my needs. It uses standard utility blades and thickness is adjusted with a simple thumb screw.
  3. TrustCommunicationConsent

    How do I ....

    When I read this post i got to thinking about combinations with 8 strands and 2 colors. I concluded (maybe wrongly) that there are 144 patterns IF you use 4 strands of each colors. Once it occured to me that you do not have to stick with 4 of each color the number went immediatly into the thousands, for instans 4 of a single color one one side and different conbination of the 2 colors on the other side. that may well bring it to 144 to the 2nd or 20,736 patterns. what ever the number is I am guessing it will be a while before anyone has them all cataloged. LOL
  4. TrustCommunicationConsent

    Hello from Ca.

    Some amazing work. My respect for folks that can do leather carving / stamping is HUGE.
  5. TrustCommunicationConsent

    Home Made Bevellers

    Time to give back a bit. I have learned a LOT from this site and while I do no know it all I do do a few things others might find usefull. I have a shop full of different types of bevellers and strap cutters some of which I have made. the first picture shows how to make a very simple bevler (I have 6 of these (3 sets of 2)). I use them to bevel both sides of my straps before I braid for me it just makes for a better looking end product. the 2nd picture I braided to show the why i bevel (notice the red shows a pinkish edge when the straps are not braided, also I find the finished producet is also smoother when the edges are beveled. I also run each strap through my splitter so that all of the straps are the same thickness. To make a bevler I simply take a bit of wood and cut a slot in it with a hack saw (a jewlers was wuld make a thinner slot but I do not have one). Right by the slot I drill a hole to take the screw that will go there. I take washer and bend over on edge (simply by putting it in a vice and hitting it with a hammer (suttle I am not)). put the washer on the screw and lichtly start the screw in the hole. slide a single edged blade into the slot and under the bend in the washer. tighten down the screw and you have it does except for the width. You can do quite well with just one of these and a clamp to adjust the width of the cut. I do a lot of beveling so i took the little time needed to make up a couple of set with standard (for me) widths. For instance I make a lot of flogger handles so I have a strap cutter set up to cut 4 straps each 5/8" (third picture) then I have a pair of bevelers the first one cuts just a shaving off the 5/8" while beveling it and the second makes sure it is exectly 1/2" while beveling the second side (both of the bottom sides are bevled). Next time I will show my splitter (one made for braiders rather than saddle and belt makers) as well as a nice strap cutter that can cut tapered plaits. Here is hoping this is usefull. Mike
  6. TrustCommunicationConsent

    Question Regarding 6 Strand Round Braid.

    Had never thought of that (I use 8 - 12 - 16 or 24 plait) but it makes perfect sence, since with 6 you will have an odd number of plaits on each side. That takes me to the thought that an odd number on each side (perhaps an 18 plait which would give 9 on each side)can produce some interesting patterns I had not thought of. Many thanks for the idea.
  7. TrustCommunicationConsent

    Mini Bouncer

    Sorry for my ignorance but what do you use a bouncer for?
  8. TrustCommunicationConsent

    Harness And Tack Maker

    I am interested in adding a line to my website so looking for a leather worker to make harness and tack items. Preference is some one in So Cal (I really like to personally know the people I do business with) but more important to me is that they be kink friendly. Also interested in some one who does leather carving and or stamping. If these are the same person, even better.
  9. TrustCommunicationConsent

    Bosal , Twisted Core

    I will add my thanks for the idea to that. I do not have the bearings or the bearing holders or even the thing that you run thru them but the idea i can and will use. I just started making a different kind of whip for BDSM people that has a twisted rawhide core, this i then cover with a thin leather and add lead shot. This gives both the weight many people like and much livlier whip than with a sewn lead filled belly.
  10. TrustCommunicationConsent

    What A "walking Foot" Looks Like

    Thank you, speaking as one of the people new to sewing of any kind I found that very helpfull.
  11. TrustCommunicationConsent

    Juki Ddl 5550

    Any one know what this machine can do? Is it a walking foot and can it sew 1/4" of veg tanned leather/
  12. TrustCommunicationConsent

    Covering handles for crops and other items

    I have never heard of one breaking but am guessing it is possible if the dowel had a weak spot such as a knot. I turn my handles so I do not need to build up the ends, takes more time but I like the effect so it is worth itto me. One thing I noticed is you do not use a hanging strap. Compleatly agree that way to many do not share. I and working on cores and or bellies for scene whips and will post how I make them after I am finished with the CAD drawings (learning a CAD program as fast as I can).
  13. TrustCommunicationConsent

    Singer 132K6

    How thick can the sew? I do not care about reverse as i can barly sew forward. Is it a walking foot machine?
  14. TrustCommunicationConsent

    Help Finding Snap Posts

    can you show me a picrute of one? I am thinking it may be what i call a double cap rivit, if so there is a place in LA that sels them in longer lenghts. I can fin the name and contact info if it is the same thing. Another idea is Ohio Travel bag.