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  1. I’m a big fan of www.panamleathers.com for my gator hides Quality has always been great and they have wide range of sizes… so you don’t have to spend $600+ on a big gator if you don’t need to. Also, Robert at Lewis Leather Sales is a great guy with very nice exotics.
  2. I'm in a similar boat. Placed an order in February 2016. Followed up after a few months and received an email telling me that he would have my burnisher done in a week. That was at least two months ago... still no reply, no explaination, and more importantly... no burnisher. It's too bad. I have the holster maker's special and it's been used quite a bit in my shop. So much, that I figured I needed a new one. Guess that's not going to happen. I'd be perfectly ok with him telling me that it's going to take a few extra months... maybe the occasional response to my emails. But that seems to be too much to ask. Now I'm stuck with no burnisher and the extra hassle of having to file a claim through paypal.... which I'd rather not do. In any case, I hope he is ok... but at the very least, he should take his website down or stop taking people's money. SMH
  3. Leather Balm w/ Atom Wax... apply a bit of that... let it dry.... and buff it to a nice shine Make sure you do this before adding the final finish. Wow... just noticed that you posted this back in April. Guess this part of the forum doesn't get much traffic. Hope the sheath turned out great!
  4. Just my .02 cents... but Eco-Flo dyes are junk. I don't think I've ever gotten a consistent finish on anything after wet molding when using the stuff. Like others have said, stick with Feibings Pro Oil dye. If you still get a blotchy finish after that... you probably want to try leather from a different tannery. But hey... that's the beauty of working with leather! Each piece has character of it's own... as frustrating as it may be sometimes
  5. Hey Rock, I wish I could! I got rid of that die a while back. It wasn't a very good pattern IMHO. All one piece of leather, wrapped around and riveted... I hated that thing, haha If you do find a good pattern though... I'd love to know about it! Cheers, Eric
  6. I would say buy new and stick to the trusted companies shown here on LW.net. I looked and looked for a "bargain". Something in my budget that I thought I could fix or referbish if needed. Now I realize that with my entry level knowledge, it would have been a waste of money. Unless you know a lot about sewing machines... which I did not... it's a lot of work to referbish a machine. Even if you can get it up and running... you want to be sure it can sew the leather thickness you need. Best to get it right the first time btw.. I have a Cobra Class 4 and I absolutely love it. Just my .02
  7. ^ Looks like it was machine stitched... but if that is hand stitched, I hope your soaking your hands right now Either way, GREAT looking belt!
  8. I'll take the Kimber 4" 1911 w/ rail. email sent!
  9. Very cool! I have a handcuff case clicker die that I posted about a while back.... http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=47828&hl=handcuff I've had quite a few requests for the pattern, but don't have time to send them all out. Could you help me post the pattern here so it's available to anyone that wants it??
  10. I'm not that familiar with vectored patterns... but it sounds like something I might be interested in! Is there a sample that I can check out? Thanks! Eric
  11. Thanks Camano! I'll keep that in mind... much appreciated
  12. Hey guys and gals... I have an order for an elephant hide belt and holster. I recently received the elephant hide and it is great BUT pretty furry on the back. I'm looking for someone with a skiving machine that could skive about 3-4 sq feet of elephant. Doing it by hand would just take too much time and effort. I'll cover shipping both ways and gladly pay for your time and service Please let me know via PM or email (ebhleatherATgmailDOTcom) Thanks! Sixer
  13. What kind of belts are you making? Single layer... double layer? I guess either way, I would go with the bridle butts. You could go with the back cut as well... but the butts are less expensive and plenty long for most of your belt making needs
  14. Bingo! Thank you, sir... That is very helpful. Hopefully I can turn out something close to a functional holster Again, great work and I appreciate the help!!
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