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  1. I am building a saddle with a Cheyenne roll. I've got the cantle back on but one side, close to the cantle point, the leather turns into to pretty fleshy junky leather. Not raggy but not very firm...? I'm wondering if after I put the filler, seat, and binding on will the roll be firm enough and hold its shape?
  2. Received my new drawdown from Ron's Tools this last week. I put it to work and love it. Thanks for the input everybody!
  3. I think maybe someone can help me here. I am wanting to run linen thread through my Landis 3. I'm going to run 7 up top and no. 6 below for saddle skirts etc..I'm wondering should I get right twist or left? Does it matter? I plan on using Campbell's wax pot wax but if there is something else I would be willing to try that as well. Any help is much appreciated!
  4. If I don't find something beforehand I would be interested.
  5. I tried calling a couple times....no answer.... I'll keep trying. Thank You very much for the info.. I appreciate it!
  6. Thanks for the reply. Ive been wanting to pull the trigger on one but its a lot of money esp. not knowing if they r worth it.
  7. What's the overall opinion of Ron's drawdown stand as well as the cantle binding attachment?
  8. I've been looking for a Randall or USM 18" splitter for a long time now and am realizing it might not happen too soon! Can u guys point me in the right direction. I'm thinking either an Artisan or Cobra, until I find my holy grail...!!
  9. Looking for a Randall or USM (Landis if they made one that big??) in 14", 16" or 18". Hand crank or motorized. Starting to think they r impossible to locate one for sale!
  10. This might be for the supplier forum, but I was wondering who carries the Adler 867 with the needle positioning servo motor. And is the needle positioning servo motor really worth the extra mula. Thank You ahead of time!
  11. Thank You for the information. Any idea what a working one might be worth?
  12. I recently traded for a Singer 138W102. It's on a singer table with a three phase motor. Any and all info for this machine will be greatly appreciated. Its seems to be in good shape but I don't have three phase power. What is it worth if it's in good working order? I assume it will be good for chink/leggins and belts etc??? Thank You guys for help.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I'll give it a try. Any ideas on where to get some info on this machine?
  14. I recently came across a Consew 202RB. I can't find any info on it and was wondering if it is worth messing with??? Will it handle chaps/chinks???
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