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  1. Hi Butch. Could you send me the pattern? Regards Marcel marcel.lette@gmail.com
  2. This is my latest holster with belt, completely handmade. I like it. Do you?
  3. Hey Chief, thanks for your answer and you tips on hoe to use it. Now it's clear what it is used for. I am going to try it out. Thanks again. Regards, Marcel
  4. Heard a lot about gum tragacanth. But I don't know why I should use it. Can someone tell me why? Regards, Marcel
  5. Thanks. Yes, I did make it in side out. It's nice being left handed........
  6. Hello Malabar. Thanks for your kind words and advices. It's appreciated. I am doing leathercraft for 4 years now as a hobby. Here in the Netherlands there are not much peolple doing this, so there are also not that many suppliers of all kinds of stuff. I am still trying to learn how to do things. The next holster and belt is going to be lined, although I have to do it by hand. But first I have to find out how to do it. Marcel
  7. Hello, this is my first post in this forum. It's a holster and belt I've made for a friend. I thijnk it's nice. What do you think? Regards, Marcel
  8. He Hello Geoff. I am very interested in those 2 manuals. I have just bought a 29K1 without any documents. Could you mail me those 2 manuals? Witj kind regard, Marcel
  9. Hey, thanks. And it was a happy and late birthday :-)

  10. What sheath are you after a design for?

  11. Thank you. Hope to find a lot of idea's!

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