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  1. Assorted and various bags, pouches, and accoutrements I have made through my buckskinning adventures
  2. Thank you very much Sparks. Like I had said , this was kind of a new design for me . But I do like the way it turned out. I have since found quite a few Penn Dutch designs that I was able to adapt to flap decorations. Learning something new is still fun, and challenging too
  3. Chuck my man , you are my hero. That's the type of work I aspire to. I love the toggle idea that tucks under your belt and holds the bag against the body. So simple , I love it. Your bags and accoutrements are outstanding. So , you actually got to examine Mariano Modena's pouch? What a treat ! Thanks for sharing sir , and enjoy the new flinters
  4. Thank you very much. I had never been given a design from a antique trunk and asked to adapt it to fit a bag before.
  5. Sorry Warren, I don't have any pics of the inside. There is just a deep pocket sewn to the front panel, and a pocket sewn to the back panel. Nothing fancy. He just wanted a large bag for all the accoutrements for his smoothbore. I also had made up bags for shot and ball, and also for carrying wads, overshot cards , and patches. They all snuggle nicely into the main bag leaving the pockets free for carrying all the little things you need for a flintlock.
  6. A gentleman contacted me to incorporate a Pennsylvania Dutch design that he had found into a bag for his smoothbore flintlock. I have done some folkart and Native American designs before , but this was something new for me. I still have some finish work to do , but this is what I came up with. He seems to be pleased , so I guess that's all that matters. It turned out to be a bit of a bugger.
  7. Very nicely done! I love the bear claw detail
  8. Greetings Luke , it's good to be back. Things kinda went sideways for awhile. But I think I'm back on the right trail again. Probably won't make it down south , but thanks anyway. Winter was kinda brutal up here on the frozen tundra , but springs on the way. Hope all is well with you and yours.
  9. The Heart bag has dyed buckskin for the backer. It was snow white before the dye job. Would probably work very well for you Thank you very much
  10. I personally cut mine out first. Then add a backer if you want contrast. Or you can cut it out and leave it natural. Mind you, all my flaps are two layer of leather so that they have a little weight. On a single thickness flap, you could just stitch the pattern directly, or add the design as an applique
  11. I would think it would work nicely. I'm a Buckskinner and I'm not really up on my Heraldic designs, but the technique is the same.
  12. Hi Suze. I've been doing it awhile, but everyone has to start somewhere. To tell you the truth, it used to be a lot easier. I have kind of had to retrain myself. Give it a try
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