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  1. they are burnished and dyed
  2. I ran the holes with the cobra then glued and used an awl
  3. Whit yes i did. thinned the edges a bit also so it wasnt so thick on the sides.
  4. Its 15 oz skirting. Basic hand tools Electrician by trade.
  5. There is one before it was sewn together. Its just open inside
  6. I decided that I needed a new tool bag for work. Here is the new one but it looks like i sold it to a friend last night.
  7. I have been using Barry King awls they have been fantastic. Have heard nothing but good things about god things about Douglas blades
  8. I made one with a variable speed bench grinder. can slow it down to where i want it. nice and solid use a clamp to hold it down when needed then put it back in the drawer.
  9. pat h

    Some tools

    I picked these up at auction a while back thought i would share. I really thought they were cool.
  10. It has been a long time since I have posted anything here. Really miss this page, here are some things I have done lately.
  11. I know this topic has been addressed here somewhere. but what kind of foam and where do you guys get it. i ahve a friend that brought me a seat pan to a 1945 harley he wants the seat done on. thanks for any help
  12. Its been a while since i posted anything so thought i would post a couple pics one elephant and one cape buffalo wallet
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