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  1. Got this tree doing some swapping. Rod figures its built in 1982. But can't find much else as to where is might have come from. Any ideas?
  2. How much slower do you think your running now compared to the factory set up?
  3. I can play with it to get it to feather some yes. Theres going to be a huge learning curve to this machine thats for sure.
  4. So I have my lockstitch set up and it does run. Have to order a few parts yet but nothing major. I have a problem though its extremely fast. Much faster than I'm comfortable with by a long shot. Some people have mentioned about making a speed reducer for it. So does anyone know how slow can it go while still working properly? Thanks
  5. My wife is looking to ways of tanning our own hides. There are a lot of natural methods out there but to get veg tan could take a couple of months.
  6. I used a pair two years ago, they worked well. Larger surface are across your boot, plus more area to add details to. Easier to make as well since you don't have to mess with buckles.
  7. Just curious why your customer wants a leather bit? Being that its so wet all the time I'm doubting that it would last long until you coated it with something like a fibreglass resin of some sort and how long that would last I'm not sure. Would love to hear other input on this though.
  8. Been working on a bunch of gifts for Christmas, any stitching is done by hand due to lack of machine. Just waiting for some concho's to finish everything up if our postal service gets the stuff here.
  9. Well to update everyone on what is going on with this. After calling and talking to Rod (which was a very big help thank you) I called the shop I got the saddle from. I have been talking to them about this just to see if they had problems in the past so they knew what was going on. So after talking to them today they told me to put it back together and send it down and they'll send me a new saddle. Only thing is I would like to be able to go down there and look at what I'm getting before I just say yeah I'll take that one over the phone. I'm also thinking I'm going to make a pattern of the horses back first using wire then possibly cutting it out in plywood and get kind of a set up built so I can possibly go down there with the pattern in hand instead of dragging a horse across Alberta. I was very surprised over this that they are going to take it back with no issues even after using the saddle lightly for two years (didn't get used much since it didn't fit the horse). Just means I have to undo and modifications (which were minor) to the saddle. Thanks for all your help. Kronic
  10. So I also noticed something else on the tree that I should have caught earlier...the rawhide where the stirrup leathers go is not bonded down to the wood, not sure if this is a flaw in the tree or if its something I can put staples in to keep it down. I would be nervous about stapling it down and cracking the rawhide. Kronic
  11. So i finally got enough winter coat off one of the horses to fit the tree without anything underneath it. First try was with the stirrup leathers in, usual happened back end came way up. Took them off and it made a big difference, still not totally great but way better.
  12. I'm not to sure if its something they were trying to do with the tree, its a Texas Saddle Co brand that is sold by Frontier Western shop. I talked to the guys down there and they have never had anyone complain about the saddle not fitting the horse (or no one cared enough to worry about it). I also have a friend that bought one of these saddles and had to do very little to it to get it to fit better. Carl down near Rocky Mountain House looked at it as well and did a little work on it for him. Kronic
  13. With you saying that and looking again at the pictures it makes sense about the stirrup leathers, the indent on the skirts is very noticeable. When I fit this on the horses I'll try with stirrups in and with them out and see what kind of difference there is. The front rigging is right where the skirt has a half moon cut out on it, on the tree you can see where the rigging is still attached to the tree. Thanks for now though very helpful! Kronic
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