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  1. For those of you who know, these are almost impossible to find today in this condition. The rollers are steel! Works perfectly. Comes as pictured. For those of you that do strap work, harness work, dog collars etc, these add a beautiful touch of customization to any project. The dome feature is virtually impossible to replicate without a machine like this. Show me one for less anywhere in the USA! Will not ship. Must come to middle TN 37027 to pick up. $775 firm. 615-482- seven two 33
  2. This is a beautiful belt embosser. Works perfectly. Comes with three dies as pictured. Has seen almost no use. Will not ship. Come to Brentwood TN 37027 to pick up. $675 firm. 615-482- seven two 33 Rob
  3. Sadly, It has been sold a long time ago. Often regret selling it! Oh well. This is a very old post listing. Good luck in your search for the Yeti of harness stitchers! I have listed a couple other items on Leatherworker and will sell still a few other items soon. Keep an eye on these classifieds regularly! Good stuff coming.
  4. Another impossible to find machine. Works great, indexes perfectly. Comes as pictured. Dies can be removed and new ones inserted for your most common uses. Too heavy to ship safely and I'm not going to build a special box for it. Located in Middle TN. $400 firm. 615-482-seven two three three.
  5. Works beautifully. Looks great. No missing parts. This machine in a factory powered configuration are rare indeed. I never seen another one with a factory Landis motor. This machine is so heavy I just dont trust shipping it. So those of you wishing to drive to middle TN 37027 please reach out to me. As I have aged, and my leather hobby slowing down, I have decided to sell many of my machines. I have some really hard to find pieces that have taken close to 20 years to accumulate. I will list them individually as I have time. 615-482- seven two three three.
  6. More than likely it is hot foil embossing not actual goal leaf. Buy a hot foil stamper like a kwikprint model 86 or 64 and have your magnesium die made for any badge, shape, logo or anything really and start stamping away. I highly recommend these two models as they offer features that make your life easier. Check ebay. There are cheaper models but you will have wished you spent the extra. They are a ton of fun to use, they do take some practice however. You only get one chance to press. One mistake on dwell time, alignment or temperature setting could turn many hours of labor into a dog chew toy. Ask me how I know!
  7. The picture you show is a leather welt edge not burnished ray. Ray can be sanded (use mask) to a beautiful round edge, dyed then edge coat.
  8. I bought a bunch of surplus thread at auction and have a ton of 138. I have a lot of brown color. Email me at rob@cobalttn.com and I'll see if I can help. This is all American & Effrid bonded nylon 1lb spools new! I also have 69,99 & some 277
  9. Your die is really the inherent problem. Try having the die made in reverse before spending a lot of money on a new press unless you plan on doing a lot of this. For example the "beer club" in the positive not negative, same with border. It will have less surface area to press nicely into your leather.
  10. Tippmans are great starter machines and I found their service to be excellent. It is a good machine to learn how to sew on for less money. The throw arm must go all the way up until it stops then down again. The disadvantage is with any steady work the manual operation gets old fast. Stitching a belt is a work out. Holding your work for technical areas is more challenging. I have since sold mine for a cobra 4. Never looked back! The good thing is that if you buy one used, you can usually sell it a year or two later and get your money back. There is always someone starting out that is tired of hand stitching that will buy it from you and they ship easily. Yes a tippman beats hand stitching! Good luck.
  11. I can likely do this for you, However I am in Nashville. Please email a pic of the wallet to rob@cobalttn.com
  12. Gloves require a very specialized skill set and machinery. Very few leather crafter's make them. You may wish to improvise and buy a pair of motorcycle winter gloves for about $40 and cut the fingers off. Then simply paint the white decor with acrylic leather paint found at any tandy store. Best of luck.
  13. I believe so. But please verify by the picture of the label. Thanks, Rob
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