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  1. Thanks! I'm proud of them. I think they look really nice. haha about the horse collars! That's why I started making them cause I couldnt find ones big enough for my dogs. Here are some pictures of my second attempt..
  2. Just starting out in this, but this is my first and second attempt at dog collars. They sure do look good on my babies, but I have learned a ton from just these two for the next ones... edit: It won't let me upload the second one for some reason. And I cant reply to post and add it there because I'm a new member and I guess my posts are limited? But I'll get them up asap.
  3. I am looking for a place to purchase numeric concho's to go along with my letter ones like the ones below. Anyone know of a place where I can get them?
  4. I am looking for a place to purchase numeric concho's to go along with my letter ones like the ones below. Anyone know of a place where I can get them?
  5. Great advice! I appreciate it. I have started my first collar. It turned out ok, but my staining was a little streaked and looked blotchy. I'm guessing the blotchy could be from the leather maybe? I'm still trying to find the best place to buy concho's at. Just searching on the net. A lot of them seem to be the same exact thing, just different prices. So far Zack White seems cheapest and Tandy don't seem bad.
  6. Thanks for the responses. Sorry for the impatience, just use to another site that I frequent (for cars). Anyway, I think I have already stated, but as of right now I am just looking at making a few collars for my dogs. Don't really want to get into tooling right now. Just basic dying and conchos, that kind of thing. I am also using the belt blanks so I shouldn't have to worry about cutting them out, just cutting to length and scribing? for the buckle. The guy at the Tandy place was extremely helpful and answered my questions well. I did purchase some things there today. He had some buckles on clearance and other odds and ends so that helped. I did however make an order from Zack White. For instance, he had the letter conchos 2 dollars cheaper than Tandy. Woo Hoo! I'm a single mom, so I try to save where I can. I want to make quality products, but do not want to spend money when it is not necessary. I have been reading on here and have picked up a few things. More to come. There seems like so much to learn!

  8. First off, hello everyone. I have been thinking about leather working for a few years now. Mainly aquired from a need. I show and breed English Mastiffs and it is very hard to find a good looking, strong collar that is big enough for these giants. So I figured that I would just make my own and maybe dabble in a few other things to support the hobby. I have talked to a guy at a local leather store who was very helpful and it seems like it can be pretty simple (I know depending on what I want to do) and I have confidence that I can do it. After finding this site I have even more confidence! What a wonderful site! So my question is, does anyone have any suggestions of where to buy supplies. I would like to keep it as cheap as possible with still having good quality products that will last a long time. I have been searching on the net, and comparing them to Tandy Leather (the local shop and cheapest I've found yet). But there are so many out there, I feel over whelmed. So I figured I would put it out there and see what comes up. Thanks in advance! After thought: I figured I would add that currently, I am just thinking of getting the belt blanks and adding conchos and buckles and dee ring, ect. That kinda stuff. Not ready to start tooling yet (yet!). I am also interested in learning the stitching and doing a soft/padded inside for the collar.
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