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  1. Machine is sold just now
  2. I need to sell my Tippmann Boss. Comes complete with 5 bobbins, assortment of needles and tool kit. Also comes with the following optional accessories: Standard presser foot, left presser foot, right presser foot, center presser foot, stirrup attachment, material guide attachment (roller), French box stitcher attachment, and flatbed attachment. The total value of all the optional accessories is $670.00. Instruction manual also included. Minimal hours in use (like new). I will let this go for $600.00 plus shipping.
  3. Lookin' good Snubby! Look forward to some more pics when you are done.
  4. Fine work, Rohn! I like the color and the weave.
  5. Nice Rohn. Thanks for all the good information from you and everyone else who posted here.
  6. I like your patches! Great idea on flea market leather jackets!
  7. Your work is fantastic! I am so inspired! Incredible!!!
  8. I am blown away! Your work is incredible! I have never seen anything like it! I'm speechless!
  9. TJP

    Leather Covered Vase

    Yes I did using a curved awl.
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