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  1. It may be some time before I can get a pic posted, but its the folded honda that Rawhider did. He said braid down the rope and then back braid depending on which way you do it, it will be a pineapple or a goucho. I just end up with a mess. I m not sure if at the turn around it is O1 U1,or O2U1 or U2 O1.... Thanks for the help Megabit
  2. I'm making a swivel honda, and I have braided 4 strands down a core an want to end and back braid it, but I cant get it to work right. Does someone have a road map? Thanks Tony
  3. Thanks for the nice comments. It is a soft core 11 1/2" with a 8" nose button. I shortend the nose button from the first bosal I made to make it a little faster release. The blue and white were the colors picked by the guy that wanted me to make the bosal. They wouldn'thave been my choice, but had to admit the colors came out nice. The guy that bought it, is the ranch manager one of the big ranches here. He has really good hands as well as horses so he should by real well with a raggy hack. Tony
  4. maui paniolo

    2Nd Bosal

    Have been away for a while, but finally got my 2nd bosal done. 5/8" on braided rawhide core 16 strand. It came out ok but I still think there is a lot of room for improvement form the bosals I've seen posted here. Cheers Tony PS Blackhammer I haven't forgotten about the post on Hawaiian saddles
  5. Sheridan Leathers is also a good source. 888-803-3030 Tony
  6. I'm using an old reata of mine. The bosals are pretty raggy and works well if the horse is soft, but need to learn how to make a stiffer core because my stallion gets a little bracey with it.LOL good thing I have others hackamores I bought. I also sold my bosal to a good friend, and he looks at and buys a lot of tack, so Im going to let he pay me what he thinks its worth. I may find out how good of friend I have, LOL he may pay me more than I think its worth, or less either way I'll be ok with that.. This will be the last order I take for a while I want to make some more things I want to do and if someone wants to buy them when they'er done then I'll sell them.
  7. Very, very, nice. I'm working on my 2nd bosal and it too is sold, but didn't put a price on it. If you don't mind me asking how much did you sell it for? I hope mine comes out as nice. Tony
  8. I Was going to go to US roping over Thanksgiving but my horse came up lame, so i'll try to do it then;)
  9. Tried the gas/wax this weekend. Worked good to firm it up and beveling it. braids nice, it was worth tring, and may do it again in the future. the only thing I did slightly different is I only soaked for about 10-15min and that seemed to be enough. Tony
  10. Thanks blackhammer, found it on pg11
  11. Got It cut, Got my wife to keep things lined out (keeps me lined out too). sure is nice lace. White gas= Colman fuel. I'm also not fond of messing with the gas! Wonder how long the smell lasts? If it helps with beveling , I might try a sample and see how it goes. Thanks Tony
  12. maui paniolo

    Roo Lace

    A friend wants me to make him a bosal out of roo.. got the body done; wants the nose button and heel knot, blue with white accents(wouldn't be my choice, but whatever). Bought the blue hide at sheridan leathers but it is thinner and softer than what I'm use to using. Having trouble getting the strings cut, hide side wants to wad up and I don't have enough hands to keep it straight and moving. I thought I had read on here about a combination of white gas and paraffin wax to soak the hide in then let it dry. Would this give it more stiffness? Thanks Tony
  13. Mike I have three hawaiian sticks but prefer to ride my wade. Blackhammer asked me to do a write up on the differen't saddles, but haven't had time. I did take pictures but haven't downloaded them. I'll try to get them on soon. Tony
  14. Looks great! It sure is a good feeling when you get the first one done. Tony
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