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  1. Just wanted to say I hope you're doing awesome, and I still look up the stuff you've shared on Leatherworker!

  2. Hello Mr Boyce,

    I have many of the patterns that you have created!  I appreciate all that you have done since they have helped me out.  I alway print everything out.  So I have this one that I have and it looks like your pattern.  I was wondering if you recognize it?  I have looked through all 57 pages of the patterns file on leatherworker.net but could not find it.  If it was yours could I possible get a copy of the pattern?  Its a purse that I would like to make.  

    Thanks for your time.


    IMG_4681 2.JPG

  3. We miss ya tboyce.  

  4. I was really scared when the site was unavailable for the past few days but I'm really loving this new look!
  5. The only way I could see of getting around the use of a Harley insignia on a piece custom leather work would be to have the customer buy the item in question, supply it to you, and ask you to incorporate it into your leather work. You aren't getting any money for the Harley item, you aren't getting any markup in any way. Harley could sue you of course. In America, you can sue anyone for just about anything. It's highly probable, though, that you could get that lawsuit thrown out.
  6. I saw that Rocky Mountain Leather Supply is carrying Buttero leather now. It looks really good and I wonder if anyone has had any experience in using it before. How does it stack up against...say...Horween or Wickett and Craig?
  7. Used to live Baseball. Leatherunltd.com is a good resource
  8. I should've probably skived more than I did but, no. The top portion is folded over and only the bottom 2 lines of stitching attach it to the bag body. That portion was skived. The welt was run through a splitter. (It took about 4 tries to get it shaved down enough to fold over).So,all in all, not as much. But even that was too much with this leather.
  9. Leather weights for wallets is an issue that varies from user to user. I prefer thinner wallets so I make all of mine out of 2oz. leather. I wouldn't vary that on the interior pieces however, I suppose that you could wander up to 4oz. on the exterior piece and still not have it be too bulky
  10. I can't be the only one this happens to. When using lighter colored thread, I will notice that there is often a stitch or two that is darker (sometimes a lot darker) than the rest. Its because the thread, passing through the glue and being waxed is sticky and picks up a bit of dirt from the floor of the shop. And I keep my shop floor clean, it just seems that the thread attracts whatever dirt there is. I've tried going over the threads with a gum eraser and that seems to help but, what I'd like is a way to make them look pristine. Has anyone else experienced this and, more importantly, have you found a solution?
  11. It kinda reminded me of this leather: http://www.zackwhite.com/4-12--5-ounce-Crazy-Horse-Pull-Up-Dark-Brown--Z2602CHBN_p_4085.html
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